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New Encampment — Mildred Near Pacific

(17 September 2019) Two residents alerted Update of a new encampment on Mildred Ave just before Pacific.  It truly is an encampment that needs to be contained and cleaned.

The encampment is on both sides of Mildred from Grand Canal to Strongs Drive.  Foxie, a lean, tall, young back man who loves, as he says, to “paint on anything” was cleaning up the street on Strongs Drive at Mildred.  The next day it looked a little better.  The encampment has spread to north end of Strongs Drive and the interior side of the Canal St barricade at north end.

Foxie discussed pickup of garbage because he had the blue cans on the sidewalk, not off the curb.  He was a nice meaning kid but clearly on something.  As Foxie was talking, a man came out of an office and yelled at them to get the stuff out from in front of his place.  I think Foxie understood, not sure of the others.  Foxie and two others were making an effort with little or no progress.

Sanitation definitely needs to come.  There is furniture and other bulky items plus the place is disheveled and filthy.

Mildred, south side looking west

Mildred, north side looking west

Highlights of Mildred on the north side

Strongs Drive

Grand St at barricade




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