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Encampment Update — 12 September 2019

Some days are harder than others. Some days are more rewarding. This week it is a mixture of both.

The lady sighted at the post office last week was indeed the same lady who was there for months and months. Brian Ulf, chair of SHARE, was contacted. Ulf said St. Joseph had put her in a hotel and the money stopped coming. Thus back on the street. She was attacked last Monday by three men. A shopping cart was thrown on her head. She received a gash on her nose. Ulf in the meantime contacted her St. Joseph case worker. Update does not know all the details but she is no longer on the street at the Post Office. It is felt that Ulf secured housing for her and she is safe.

The great news is that Ocean is free of homeless and debris. The pocket park across from Tesuque on Mildred is clear. The encampment at the library is gone.

North Venice Blvd is still clean. There are a couple of cars with people living in them and spilling into the parkway. South Venice Blvd between Pacific and Dell is the place that has collected many tenters.

South Venice between Pacific and Dell

Westminster Senior Center has collected another camper and there were signs that another camper had been there but left. The trailer behind the car was gone. The two guys with the wooden tents were still there.

Hampton, south of Rose, between Rose and Sunset, continues to be the new hot spot.  Suddenly one day it appeared. David Busch and a few others had been near the Rose Cafe and the group on the east side of Hampton have had little fluctuation. Some people said this group across from Gold’s Gym were waiting for bridge housing to open. Others mentioned that they were from Hampton, north of Rose.

Several were asked and two said they had been all over Venice on the streets and did not know anything about bridge housing. One fellow, who apparently knew what bridge housing was, said he would not enter bridge housing under any circumstances.

Hampton, north of Rose, had a couple living in front of the St. Joseph Center stairs on the east side of the street. The campers on the west side were moving so the cleanup could happen.

Third Ave between Rose and Sunset seems to continue to be the Venice hot spot for encampments.  This is where the 2-year-old child was sighted at 10 pm this week. See the story. 

Remember Kenny, from Oklahoma, his wife and his dog Zoeie?  Kenny’s wife said that St. Joseph would have their names on a housing list in the next two days.  She said her birthday was in two weeks and she hoped to be in a place.  I gave her the phone number for SHARE.

Met Rick Swinger on 3rd Ave after the cleanup Friday.  The cleanup included sanitizing the sidewalks and pressure washing them.  Sanitation does not always pressure wash.  Third looked great.  Rick Swinger, who lives near by,  remarked several times that he had not seen it this clean in some time.

East side

West side

Fourth Ave showed signs of someone having been on the west side near the gate to Public Storage.

Lincoln Blvd is repopulating since it was cleaned a couple weeks ago.

Staples on the north side has people living between the planters. There is no ADA compliance. The Lincoln part of Staples is clear, except for the stuff left, and the motor homes are gone.

Harding had a couple homeless. One living between the planters and another in the unusable driveway.

Carter was clear. Two of the three homeless individuals on Thatcher were gone. One was re-inhabited and then vacated again.

The scenes change daily and there are still many individuals camping alone. There was one on a park bench at the old post office and a guy on Lincoln  across from the old theatre laying on the sidewalk.

Comments (6)

  1. L

    Can someone please explain to me why the wooden cart tent people are never forced to move just so the street can be clean?

    • reta

      Yes and No! One can sleep on the sidewalk between 9 pm and 6 am according to Jones Settlement. Between 6 am and 9 pm all tents are suppose to be folder and out of the way. according to 56.11. They violate the latter. Always there should be ADA clearance. Why 56,11 is not enforced, one cannot answer other than there is just so much going on in Venice.

  2. Cuckfornia

    California is the laughingstock of the whole country – for good reason! Y’all libtards ruin every city and state you touch. These bums are taking over your cities and you are letting them.

    Los Angeles used to be one of the greatest cities in the world. Now it’s infested with subhuman trash (lazy bums, criminals, crackheads, needleheads, Bernie bros, etc).

    Please use your quarter brain cell and kick them out before they start a frickin’ plague.

    Sincerely, the sane part of the country.

  3. Bonin's Bumz

    Drug-addled bums sprawling out wherever they drop seems to be a newer and more concerning phenomenon.

  4. reta

    I didn’t know. Will check it out. If you know of any other encampments, please contact Venice Update either here or VeniceUpdate@gmail.com. Thank you.

  5. Sam

    Some of the spots mentioned that are now clear is because a number of people have relocated to Mildred Avenue (down near Pacific) as I’m sure you’ve heard.

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