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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Third Ave Residents Up in Arms About Child on 3rd Ave

Residents around 3rd Ave in Venice are incensed regarding a photo taken of a 2-year-old girl on 3rd Ave with her mother at 10 pm Wednesday.

The photo of the little girl was just the tip of the iceberg for residents around 3rd Ave. Just that day they had witnessed a fight with two guys and had it on video. Right after that there was a Citizens report of a fight on 3rd behind Gold’s gym with a deadly weapon, which was later discovered to be a wrench. Those three incidents were in one day.

Police were called and came twice about the little girl. They talked with the mother both times and left.  

Captain Brian Morrison reported that police “verified the status of the mother and child.  There were no issues with either.  I was personally briefed.  I can assure you that we would not have released a child into harm’s way.  We are mandated reporters by law.”  

Captain  Morrison also asked that all photos of the child not be put on social media out of “respect for the child’s rights.”  

Note:  Update will not print photos of children in this type situation when under age without proper consent.  The specific law could not be found.  It may be in one of the Child Protection Acts.  It may be a regional code.  This writer was taught not to do such and until informed otherwise … . Photos of children on social media under normal circumstances have been used and abused at the expense of both the child and the parents.

Residents had many stories. It was determined the mother was not homeless and had a house.

Soledad Ursua who called the police and talked with the woman was on the Dr. Drew show Thursday and told her side of the story.

She was also on the Larry O’Connor show. Go to the 10 am show and her interview starts at about 20:57.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    From Tony Hoover at Sue the Mayor A young girl who lives in downtown Hollywood took some food to a homeless guy and he proceeded to thank her by literally butchering Her to death. BUTCHERING HER!!! And along with it several lives have been destroyed including those of my friends!!! I’m pissed!!!!!!!

    This story will hit the news soon enough but you’re hearing it from me first.

    I’m mad as hell that our leadership continue to allow this to go on and do NOTHING!!! Literally f**king NOTHING!!

    What the bloody F**k!!! Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and the entire county board of supervisors should be tried as criminals for allowing this insanity to roam our streets. They refuse to do anything because of their f**ked up political ideology!!

    The mayor should be held responsible for this incident. He could have stopped it with one call to the governor insisting that we are in state of emergency and asking for federal assistance LONG ago! How long has it been since Christine Calderlone was murdered??? Dong Lee??? Julius Rondez???

    We need to get these people off the street NOW!!! Not next month. Not next year. NOW!!!


  2. Lori

    Please help….I have contacted all the news stations as this is outrageous and needs to become public knowledge. Many of the stations have responded back to me but they want more information. Please reach out to all the stations (or myself) with any information so they can accurately report on this and get that poor child the help he/she desperately needs. We need to start saving lives.

  3. Rick Swinger

    I was also there that night and spoke to this women. She was not feeding the homeless at the time I was there around 10PM. I told her the neighbors around here were very concern about seeing a child late at night on 3rd. I asked her how long she was out here and she said for awhile. Then she said she got raped and she got pregnant. I was stunned to hear that too. I told her there are services like SJC that could help her but she said she didn’t like SJC and I told her there were other places that would help. She said she got screwed by an attorney and needs one pro bono. She told me she has a home to go to. I felt very sad for her and her kid. I hope as a community of caring people we can get them the help they need instead of walking away and pushing this family under the rug. It’s long over do we need to call this a National Emergency and set a FEMA style camp where all people can be safe while we find officials that have the smarts to handle this crisis Now not Later!

    • Lori

      Mr Rick Swinger,
      I have contacted all the news stations as this is outrageous and needs to become public knowledge. Many of the stations have responded back to me but they want more information. Please reach out to all the stations (or myself) with any information so they can accurately report on this and get that poor child the help he/she desperately needs. We need to start saving lives.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, to whom it may concern I am the woman who was feeding the homeless. I have compassion for the homeless as I was one of them after i was raped and kicked to the curb by my family and acquaintances for being too poor and “bringing rape upon myself”. I was not intoxicated nor do I do drugs or drink. I have an alcoholic older sister and despise what it does to people and destroys lives. I live almost 2 hours away currently. I’m a single mom after my abuser left me pregnant. I tried to abort and had no money and was hugely discriminated against by the emergency medical clinic I was referred to by the county. My daughter and I are getting by and have come along way but still have far to go on our journey. I don’t appreciate anyone slandering me and my daughter or distorting the facts about our situation. If you have concerns you could have a conversation with us directly. We have been through enough shit to deal with this on top of everything else. I was out there for 30 minutes or less asking them if I can help provide resources for anything that I have found to “actually” work so far and not heresay as I was told in the past. Saint Joseph’s center is a broken system these days that does little for people. It is common with so many agencies to get what I call the runaround being constantly someone else’s problem and no one provides help to those truly in need or services as I found to be the case on many occasions. The only reason I was there for even 30 minutes was that there was another organization there doing reachout services and I was speaking to the older woman about it. Other than speaking to her around her table I very intentionally did not go deep into the encampment and was near the pedestrian walkway. I was also sitting right next to my daughter on the sidewalk where someone unknown to me took several photos cropping me out or at a convenient angle without me next to her. She was fed her toddler formula that I spend $400 importing from europe every month for her severe allergies from her father. We just had dinner from whole foods and I changed her diaper. I had extra groceries an agency had given me that my daughter and I couldn’t eat due to allergies and I didnt want to throw them away as I know people in the world are starving. Instead of putting them in the trash I gave them to these people. I had a long day working all day with my daughter in tow as I always do since I cant afford daycare and a nanny being a victim of rape and that I’m a single mom. In addition my daughter had alot of energy and wasnt going to sleep anytime soon. I was letting her run around on the pedestrian side of the sidewalk and dance to some music on my phone so she would sleep on our long drive back to where we reside with my parents currently. I shouldn’t have to explain myself but this slandering and accusations need to stop here. I’m shocked, traumatized and hurt. If the shoe was on the other foot you would be too if someone did this to you. Stop bullying my daughter and I.

      • Paul

        Jesus christ, I don’t care what you were doing. Why the hell are you out there with a kid? And if you have it so rough why are you offering help when you seem to need it yourself? Focus on yourself, on your little girl. Get your shit together and then you can talk about helping the junkies at that camp. AND DONT BRING YOUR KID AROUND THAT DISEASE AND FILTH.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Swinger-
      It sounds like you have compassion, but you didnt seem overly concerned when we spoke wednesday night. It was a much longer conversation which you seemed too in a hurry to have rather than get all the details. If you would truly like to help and not jump to conclusions about me or listen to what I have to say then let’s do it. I’m all for it.

    • Carol Reynes

      No matter what the circumstances, it was very poor judgment and still endangering your child by bringing them to this encampment. May I suggest in the future that you volunteer at a women’s shelter…. A far safer and more appropriate place to teach your child about compassion?

      All that said, I am with Rick Swinger about helping you. If you’ve reached out to him, I will circle back with him and see how a group of us can help you.

  4. Carol Reynes

    This woman was NOT a homeless advocate. She was in the middle of one of the most prolific encampments in all of LA (so really, the US) that is known for its illegal activity and violence at 10 pm with a toddler. Anyone who believes she was out there feeding the homeless is niave at best, but even if she was, she was endangering a child. Shame on the “mother”, the LAPD, and anyone who condones or defends this behavior. If ANYTHING happens to this child, there is blood on many hands.

    • Ricky Alvarez

      Shame on you for continuing to disseminate lies about this woman who came down there to feed the homeless. Shame Shame Shame.

      • Paul

        Shame on you Ricky or normalizing this behavior! That encampment is no place for a child!

      • Carol Reynes

        I’m sorry, Ricky, how do you know that they are lies? Two people have come forward to say this woman was visibly intoxicated? However, as I said last time, its child endangerment either way to knowingly bring your child to a place that is known to be dangerous. How do you justify and “normalize” that?

        • Ricky Alvarez

          Soledad Ursua is a documented slanderer of homeless advocates. She and Travis Binen are known for using these smear tactics to intimidate people who help the homeless. The police say she wasn’t intoxicated. And they have credibility. You nazis have none.

          • Carol Reynes

            One of the witnesses was not either of the people you named. But, 3 replies and you’ve failed to answer the bigger question: HOW IS THIS NOT ENDANGERING A CHILD? Or, perhaps you believe it is ok to take children to drug adn theft dens? Let us pray you are not a father…you’d probably take your kid to a strip club, which frankly is safer than this.

          • Carol Reynes

            One of the witnesses was not any of the “nazis” you named. But you have failed 3x to answer the most important question: WHAT KIND OF MOTHER ENDANGERS HER CHILD BY TAKING HER TO A KNOWN DRUG AND THEFT DEN? (If your lame-ass answer is to learn compassion for the homeless, take your child to a soup kitchen at an appropriate hour, not expose them to rat’s nests, used needles, human waste, etc). I only pray you are not a father. You’d probably try to get your kid into a strip club, which frankly is a whole lot safer than this.

            Please don’t respond until you have a decent excuse…I mean reason…for the mother’s behavior.

          • Ricky Alvarez

            There is a special place in hell for homeless haters like you Senora Reyes. Hopefully you and your nazi friends will all be there soon.

          • Carol Reynes

            LOL Aaaaand, you got nothing! Why didn’t you just say so?

          • Ricky Alvarez

            What I have is the truth. All your side has is hatred, fear, and lies.

          • Paul

            Ricky, how many of these people do you house at your place? Not everyone is a nazi that doesn’t see it your way or agree with you. If anything you’re the nazi for not allowing free speech you fascist. Wake up!

        • Anonymous

          I dont drink so I was definitely not visibly intoxicated. This is slander and assumptions which should be treated as such. I could pass a drug and alcohol test of any kind if anyone would like to offer one up. I’d be more than happy to take both tests not that I need to prove anything to any of you creeps who dont even know us.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. It’s a shame how much people hate homeless and single mothers. We’ve become a society who only cares about the rich and the poor are treated like less than trash.

        • Anonymous

          Paul- Again because clearly you cant read. My daughter was with me in tow because I have to bring l her to work in LA because im a single mom forced into motherhood from her rapist trust fund jewish father. But I dont expect you to understand what it’s like to be with a toddler 24/7 as a single mom since you are a man…try to open your mind and get out a little.

          • Anonymous

            To whom it may concern: I’m not afraid of radio stations or Dr. Drew etc. I’m not sure how familiar you all are with defamation, libel or slander but this is all of that and more including harrassment. I want you all to cease and desist or I will be pursuing both restraining orders and a lawsuit along with my own tv appearance. Picking on a single mom is despicable and you all should be embarrassed for making an ass out of yourselves. This is childish and crazy you are supposed to be grown adults so act like it and get over your own egos.

  5. JZ

    The residents are beyond upset. Were the homeless simply people down on their luck and not acting out with violence, open drug and alcohol ABUSE and trashing our neighborhoods with feces, urine, used needles and food remnants left for rats spreading diseases and creating a major health hazard it would be as simple as offering them existing services. But the facts are that there are many who refuse these services, create havoc on the boardwalk and threaten and harass residents and tourists alike.

    We are reaching a breaking point. Now as we see this child left in this camp and one wonders if she’s selling her child to get her fix. It is not unheard of. We do not want a skid row in Venice but it seems people like Mike Bonin and mr Alvarez above have an agenda to leave these people to suffer including an innocent child who simply put has no business being left to wander in this group. Fake compassion is no solution.

    • Anonymoua

      The child was not wandering around the encampment. You can stop right there. Second I dont do drugs and never have. I dont have addictions of any kind and dont need a fix. I just have more compassion than some people because I’ve had my fair share of hard times.

  6. Ricky Alvarez

    This person Soledad Ursua has a history of slandering homeless advocates. The police say she wasn’t intoxicated and was just there with her kid feeding the homeless. Shame on you for posting this fake news.

    • Paul

      Yes Police do such a great job keeping a handle on things over there 🙄 (not blaming the guys on the beat but the brass). Anyone that has walked or driven past that encampment knows it’s filled with mostly drug addicts, criminals and mentally ill forgotten people. These are not people down on their luck. Let’s not pretend like it’s anything else than what it is. Again NO PLACE FOR A CHILD.

      • Ricky Alvarez

        Maybe if your mother had taken you to feed the homeless when you were a child you would not have grown up to be the hate filled fearful jerk you obviously are.

        • Anonymous

          Yes I agree more people need to be involved in community service especially in youth and get off their high horse so they understand the concept of humility and empathy. I thought part of being human is being humane. That’s what I learned throughout my life…everyone has ups and downs. You never know when you may need a hand to get back up or someone you know. Everyone has their fair share of low moments in life and no one is immune.

        • Paul

          Ricky your talking points are weak. These are not the homeless people we grew up with and you know it. These 20-something drug addicts and criminals are not the local hobos we all know and used to feed. Not the ones we’d buy a beer or a sandwich. You can’t even talk to most of these people. Most aren’t even from LA or even California. New faces daily. Drug deals, stolen bikes and other items. Public defecation. C’mon Ricky, we all know Venice as the ghetto by the sea but this is ridiculous.

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