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What is going on at the MTA lot?

Note:  Shawn Stern who lives near the old bus yard, the MTA site, answers that question perfectly.  The lot is scheduled to be operable by October, maybe November.  It is involved with a lawsuit by members of the community and that is scheduled for October.

By Shawn Stern

Thought you might like to see some photos of the current construction going on at the MTA bus yard for the planned “bridge housing.”

They’ve been working here all summer, first cleaning up the debris left when they closed the yard and dug up the concrete to remove the underground tanks. Then they cut trenches into the concrete to lay in plumbing and sewer lines.

This has been going on for over three months and while it’s a good bit of work, there are days when there are only a handful of people working, and they often start before 7 am and are gone well before mid afternoon. Seems to me this is moving extremely slow.

Today the DWP is here digging up the street, probably to give them access to sewer and/or water lines.  Since I have a very good view I wanted to share it with you and your readers.

Comments (2)

  1. Venice Bum Housing

    Bum housing is well under way. Poperty values going down down down

  2. Steven Burns

    Thank-you for posting the information and photos. Facts are always welcome.
    I posted a similar comment previously, but I frankly think fighting this is futile, it is going to happen. There needs to be a focus now, before it opens, to hold the city to the promise that it will go away in three years. And not just in writing, money makes things happen.
    Non profit running it should be contractually incentivized with a financial bonus to have it dismantled within 60 days of 3 years of opening. That’s the only way it will happen.
    Without this, they will find a way to keep it going for another 30 years. As a glorified tent, it will deteriorate into a mess in 5 years and a true blight on the community.

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