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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Keep Neighborhoods First Needs Help to Get Appendix A Passed by PLUM

Home Sharing Ordinance (HSO) is law.   Enforcement starts 1 November.  Appendix A is not passed and Keep Neighborhoods First feels that without Appendix A, Airbnb will see it as an excuse to obtain further delays.

Keep Neighborhoods First urges all to contact listed council members to encourage them to agendize and approve Appendix A in PLUM committee immediately so that the HSO can be enforced.

Councilmember Harris-Dawson
Call:  213-473-7008
Councilmember Curren Price
Call:  213-473-7009
Councilmember Bob Blumenfield
Call:  213-473-7003
Councilmember John Lee
Call:  213-473-7012

Comments (15)

  1. Venice Jerome

    No one EVER sells a property that has a market value nearing $4m for only $100k. There was obviously some other form of consideration aside from cash exchanging hands, even if it did not involve taking over someone’s existing loan. So, there is not going to be a 4000% return (and it hasn’t sold yet anyway, so it would be future tense, if they do get that much).

    • philth

      its fraud… its him trying look broke on paper in his name due to debts and liabilities.. you have every right to your opiinion.. but till you make yourself knowledgable of the facts and whats been found then it remains just that… look he was trying to sell it in a rush to try bring equity back into the llc he has sheltered everything under from 2011. look at the state registry for the llc that runs the 5 unit hotel from feb 2018 off this ad, then u can see he just narsocistically takes over the llc a karla figeroa who has no other attachment to either vavala or the llc of any record… it was created concurent with his being busted for fraud by real estate bord busted in sm and bankrupcy…
      he got away with it for 8 years… he knows i figured it out and have reported it.. hes trying grab whatever equity he can back into the llc cause he lost control of the property..
      the title and llc sit as registered at a fictisious non servicable address..
      look it up if you know so well.
      i did and am due up 105 of the recovered taxes for my informant declarations.

    • philonious theoretix monX

      he tried to get restraining orders and false reported on me endlessly in last 4 months… this started with him threatening me 2 weeks out of having my miuth wired for 9 months… he waswreckless and threatend have me removed from my home… i wanted know who this guy was to thump chest near me like that..
      found it… kicked out his ladder to reclaim the title in his name under advers posession trying pull the 807 addy and claim title as duplex.. i had been victim of a “landlord” in hollywood do this with me as a tenant in 09 so understand the tort very well. his guests broke my windshield so i after his threat i called looking for karla and let it be known i knew the full hustle and was done. see he cant sell it.. he cant reclaim it in legal means without commiting more crimes…
      guess who still has the legal route and acsess that he had intended to stage in fraud…
      have a good day jerome
      no question better than bruno has had in months or in forseeable future..
      he effed up and lost the whole bag he tried to stash in public..

      ir anyone wants to see the documentation or understand how i found it and how effective it was at shutting him down… shoot me a way to contact

      • love$philth

        i went personally to city finance office and planning on july 1st.. first i verified there was no buisness license registered to vrprogram llc, the partnered host with booking.com found what i expected and went upstairs to get accurate APN occupancy cleared up and documented… got the hotline number off plannings desktop and reported to the new hotline.. only to indicate but continjued my intention to have authorities shut it down.
        i actually used his restraining orders filed in court as the evidence needed to execute my informant declarations…
        vavala has claimed to real estate bord investigators that he is the sole manager and executive w vrprogram llc… i shot them the state file re who generated the llc and whos social is only one known and attached to any property owned by the llc… its bagged up and over.. im just stuck waiting investigations out and get to watch the shit show as he mentally unravels farther…
        its interesting for sure

      • General

        You know your typing looks like jibberish, right? You are completely incomprehensible. Here and in all areas where you type, nextdoor etc. Your grammar is below the level of a first grader. Your sentences, and posts are impossible to follow. Your punctuation is horrific. You obviously have lots to say, it would be possibly read, or even thought about if anyone was able to understand it, at all. Just a thought to spell check, grammar check, and read your posts to yourself, a few times, before you hit the “post” button. You sound like a lunatic imbecile on drugs. Not trying to be mean….ok, maybe a tad, but I’m trying to get your attention. What the f are you even talking about above?!?!?

    • philTmonx

      hey Jerome, if you followed up on that property you will see it got pulled from listing. the real estate board can not legally contact the llc that owns it due to the fraud filing with Secretary of state in april of 2019, to a fictitious address in santa monica, some how acquiring the title on may 8 2019… for the $102k
      its an interesting situation to watch unfold.

  2. Aren Fanning

    https://www.booking.com/hotel/us/beautiful-home-near-the-beach.en-gb.html there are other ways to legally and civilly rid yourself of neusance illegal hotels like this one.. if look at the Google ad photos you can see how suddenly this property owner got an ROI of almost 4000% in a mear 3 months from 102k purchase may 8 2019 to listing currently at nearly 4 million… u nfortunatly I found a huge issue with LADBS inspector John Mattillo but that’s currently being addressed. Be sure check for partnered hosts having business licenses… I documented this current ad and partnership from Feb 2018 and no buissness licenses on file w finance office..booking acknowledged to collecting the required 14% tax but not reporting it, and have welcomed authorities to investigate the matter.
    Vrprogram llc is currently registered to a fictitious address in Santa Monica after having moved in April from warren before making the purchase…
    Strangely Bruno vavala has assumed control or at least claims to of this llc that was generated in 2011 by a Karla figeuroa… the only known tax liable party and only party with vested interest in property would be her till some sort of documentation of transfer appeared. Unfortunately for vavala who lost his realtors license years ago for fraud, around the time his legal issues in SM for code violations and short term abuse, a sale for 4 mill will require escrow… he locked himself out off the title… hes loosing his mind because i ended his decade old fraud.
    May 13 he attacked me and threatens have me removed from my home… I made sure know what his issue was https://youtu.be/xycyjbF2zgA
    He’s known that I knew from June 3rd code was called and documented may 21, June 4 John mattillo changes my citizens complaint re buissness to construction off the 807 duplicate address and sat on it for 90 days till after listing.. https://youtu.be/BVwjmANOT7o

    • Venice Jerome

      Hate to break it to you Aren but that $100k official “sale price” almost certainly had an assumption of a very large loan as well, making the sum total exchange in value far closer to the current $4m listing.

      • philth

        haha or you are making a presumptive guess. i myself have been involved with this from may 13 and found what he was staging to try do. i found the 807 address permit partially done 2 months before the sale and complained re the 5 unit 57 occupance (thats 20,805 welcomed guests off a designated sfd)hotel with illegal trailer hooked up in yard where vavala lives. funny i finally forced inspector john mattillo to actually act as he did willfully try help conceal the complaint. issue is they didt inspect till after listed.. and never investigated my documented citizens complaint dated may 14th. i have my informant declarations in with city finance for booking.com acknowledge the llc name who was partnered from feb 2018 and collecting 14%tot but not reporting to city. i also have the real estate board investigating his sale that he had no right to try execute as he lost his license years ago for fraud. the title holder was registered with the stae in april as havign moved from 809 to 2801 ocean park flat.. all addys even for service and vavala claiming it as his home… its a fraud file with the sate and the title is iat the ficticious address… in an llc that was generated in 2011 in the name of karla figeroa amid one of mattilos first investigations into the property. the llc suddenly has bruno climing agent of service then an executive title.. mean time he was file indijent in court requesting fees same w permits..
        he was busted in 2010 in santa monica first person convicted, bruno vavala the case is funny to read.
        he tried to sell it to an llc that he high jacked half assed and criminally, to avoid taxes and debt..
        hes been here an issue for years doing same thing.. he met me and like we seen at meeting i move weird and different. his attempt to sale thats been reported again to the ongoing investigation w real estate board is well aware he is claiming to be an executive manager with said llc with the rights to execute deal that only karla has tax liabilities known for and to.
        if you look at the ladbs property report on the 809 address you see me and mattilo fighting to open the true complaint i started may 14th when was only 3 units and 36 person advertised as documented to hiom may 21st… 2 days before sale i video LADBS supervising inspector out for a sunday ride with bruno valala on thier harleys.. was second week in a row… yes hotel was shut down for few days but my complaints made them force sale trying get any equity back out..
        im well documented and have had proper authorities involved.. commercial crimes grazes civil issues so if not experienced its easy to be dismissed if not reported and documented correctly.
        its why commercial crimes devision is down town.. officers and detectives at pacific dev cant even try address them cause so complicated at times.
        can look at the google ad i control.. most documentation is there and is updated alot..

        • Venice Jerome

          As an example of how this would work, see this article:


          …a “$1 billion” property (price reduced to $650 million) sells for…. also only $100k??? OF COURSE NOT. That’s just the “official” price recorded with the county. It just also happened to have a $200 million loan on it that forced the owner into bankruptcy, and which now the buyer has to pay off.

          If you really want to know the real story, you could go do a title search on your source of aggravation and I’m sure you will find a significant lien on the property, far exceeding the sale price.

          • alphamonx

            has zero to do with this APN, this owner, or this fraud… nada.. it explains that over there…

          • alphamonx

            i get that jerome… but that has nothing to do with property at hand. it has zero to do with this APN, this owner, or this fraud… nada.. it explains that over there…

  3. PhilT monx

    I actually got in the first complaint July 1st.. 809 warren ave. Booking.com property manager for vrprogram llc who purchased the lot the running hotel documented from Feb 2018 ongoing currently for 5 UNITS w 57 person occupancy, for 102k may 8 of this year… in my very effective documentation I found the manager for Karla figeroas llc, Bruno vavala, had in 2010 been the first person convicted of short term stay abuse… my reporting and documentation has caused the old to try and pull out and bail… it had fraudulently registered with the state as having moved in April before the sale to a non serviceable address in SM at 2801 ocean park flat… in 3 months it was hoping pull out a nearly 4000% roi off that 102k for a listing of nearly 4million cause he knows the gig is up…

  4. john ryan

    What is appendix A

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