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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

500-Foot Homeless Restriction Would Remove Homeless from Beach and Portions of 3rd, 4th

This is the map for Venice as shown in the LA Times article.

LA Times mapped the areas that would be affected by the proposed 500-foot radius restricting homeless from schools and parks. The motion, modifying LAMC 41.18(d), has been proposed by the Chair of the Homeless and Poverty committee Councilman Mitch O’Farrell and Councilwoman Nury Martinez.

Next step is to present it to the City Council for a vote.   Both civil rights attorney Carol Sobel and Councilman Mike Bonin are against it.  It was passed unanimously in City’s Homeless and Poverty committee with two absences, one of whom was Bonin.

Mark Ryavec of Venice Stakeholders Association made the statement that the proposal did not address the residential areas.

According to the map, a large portion of Venice would be restricted.  The complete Venice Beach area would be off limits.  Looks like 3rd and 4th would be be off limits to a great extent.  The Ocean Front and 3rd Ave are two dense areas for the homeless.  The LA Times estimates that about 25 percent of the City’s sidewalks would be effected.

The design of the proposal is to work around the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision.  The court said they never indicated that people could not be restricted from certain areas.

LA Times article.

The electronic LA Times article has many more maps and statistics.


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