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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Hampton Dr, Ocean Ave, North and South Venice Blvd Get Cleared and Cleaned

(7 September 2019) What a difference a day makes!  The encampment update was written and pictured Thursday.  Friday morning Ocean Front Walk and 3rd Ave were cleaned as they always are. But this Friday, a coordinated effort by Bureau of Sanitation, LAPD, and the Venice BID had Hampton Drive from Rose to Sunset vacated, disinfected, and pressure washed.   Ocean Ave, North and South Venice Blvd were also cleared and cleaned of debris.

Bureau of Sanitation can enforce LAMC 56.11 that says you can only have items that fit into a 60-gallon can so the “stuff” remaining after everyone had cleared the streets was removed.  The picture below is an example of what Sanitation  workers  deal  with  each day — garbage and large items.  This was  3rd  Ave,  west  side,  last  Friday.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Sanitation disinfects the streets using the small truck. The big truck is for biohazard materials.
(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Paul, supervisor of one of the BID Clean Teams, is shown pressure washing the sidewalk on Hampton, which is done after the sidewalk is disinfected.

Below is Hampton, west side, after it was cleared and cleaned. Connie Brooks was walking down the sidewalk and said “What a pleasure it is to use the sidewalk.”

Whether Ocean Ave, North and South Venice Blvd, and Hampton Dr will be on the roster for weekly cleanups is not known at this time.

Hampton was repopulated almost immediately. Ocean and North and South Venice Blvd did have some “stuff” that hadn’t been picked up but it had not completely repopulated yet. There were people gathering near the canal on North Venice. There was an encampment at the library and one at the pocket park across from Tesuque Market.

Ocean Ave

North Venice Blvd

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