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LUPC Unable to Vote on MTA Bridge Housing

By Angela McGregor

(6 September 2019)The Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) meeting began with an announcement from the Chairman Alix Gucovsky that, due to the required recusals from the matter of three board members who lived or worked within 500 feet of the MTA lot, and the inability to attend the meeting of two others, LUPC would be unable to reach a quorum on the matter.
This came as an obvious disappointment to the dozens of Venetians who had packed into the meeting in order to comment on the matter, the majority of whom departed.

A couple of other motions were decided on. Neuehouse, a shared, members-only workspace similar to WeWork, will be occupying the 11,000 square foot commercial building at 73 Market Street formerly occupied by Snapchat. LUPC’s approval will allow them to proceed with their application for a conditional use permit to sell alcoholic beverages exclusively to their members. Public comment was universally in favor of the project, which will provide much-needed shared office space to Venice as well as enliven a now moribund, near-vacant block.

LUPC also voted to advance a community impact statement, shortened and clarified from the version on the agenda, opposing AB 1197. That Assembly Bill would exempt emergency shelters and supportive housing funded by HHH funds from the California Environmental Quality Act, which requires neighborhood impact on major projects. LUPC’s community impact statement notes that, because Venice is in the Coastal Zone and has a disproportionate number of PSH projects in the pipeline, projects here should be “upheld to more stringent standards.”

Venetians who also wish to submit a public comment on this measure can go to: https://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/index.cfm?fa=ccfi.viewrecord&cfnumber=19-0002-S159 and click “new” in the upper right hand corner.

These motions will now move to consideration by the VNC Board at their next meeting, on September 17th.

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