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Encampment Update — 5 September 2019

The big changes this week are Ocean Ave and its Venice Blvd surroundings and the Miskon Temple preschool now has an armed guard on Hampton Drive, north of Rose, which is the area Update calls the poster child for street living.

Ocean Ave, including both North and South Venice Blvd, have gotten worse. Ocean Ave has moved onto the private property part. Update was told that Claudia Martin, city attorney for area says that new “No Trespassing” signs are not necessary but should include the area from fence to sidewalk.

North Venice Blvd is still struggling to keep the ADA requirement. At one time there was a hammock swinging from a couple of posts. Marie still meets to pack up the van with cans from the previous night.

South Venice is growing in encampments. South Venice Blvd to Dell is growing and the trash across the street is not helping the area look good. One man, who speaks with a foreign accent, is very volatile. People use both the parkway and the private property. South Venice to Ocean is also growing but these campers have kept there belongings on the parkway.

Ocean Ave

North Venice Blvd

South Venice Blvd

This man will come after you if he does not like what you are doing or do not belong in the area.







Venice Post Office
The Venice post office now has another sitter and it looks like the one who was there before. Brian Ulf, chair of SHARE foundation, found the previous lady a place to stay.

Westminster Senior Center Park
The two guys with the wooden tents are still there. They have moved closer to the entrance of the Center. There is a trailer hooked onto a car but leveled on the east side of the park and there are vans on the south side of the park. If Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell gets his motion regarding 500 feet from a park or school passed by the City Council, these people will be gone.

Hampton, south of Rose, has not changed from last week. The surprise last week was the influx of campers on the west side from the gate at Google to Sunset.  The area at the door is still there but it is growing. East side where Dorothea cleaned the sidewalk is still the same as last week.





Hampton Drive, north of Rose, has been the poster child for business and homeless cooperation since the fiasco of more than a year ago on the east side of the street. But now Hampton Drive, north of Rose, on the west side, has an armed guard at the Miskon Tephillo Synagogue entrance to the building and the preschool. One man explained that the guard was not just a safety for the children but for the building, which they felt could be subject to attack. All signage regarding a preschool have been removed.

3rd Ave
East side

West side

Fourth Ave from Rose to Vernon was clear of all encampments.

Lincoln Blvd at Flower
Had only Beast and Jay there. Josh had gone his own way. The place had been cleaned by the Bureau of Sanitation and the people were asked to vacate the area while it was steam cleaned and sanitized. Beast and Jay had allowed one man to sleep in their area that day and they couldn’t wake him. When the police came, they called paramedics who took him to the hospital. Beast and Jay moved while the block was cleaned.

The encampment on Lincoln anchored by two motor homes has dwindled to one person in the doorway. The north side of Staples has a couple people storing stuff and living on the sidewalk and the planters. There is no ADA compliance.

Lincoln near Washington
The encampment on Lincoln near Washington was gone.

Looked like the runners settled on Carter at Walgreen’s. There were between 2 and 4 there consistently during the day. The Triangle also has had three single campers on Thatcher. Two campers are on private property– one city property and the other Harbor Crossing. One camper lives out of his car with the doors open to the sidewalk draped with cloth. SLO Javier Ramirez has been notified.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Did I mention Rodents were caught by LASAN today? Here is a bucket full. Where is Gary Walker of the Argonaut? LMAO! https://youtu.be/STWZGoRaA4s

  2. Nick Antonicello

    You don’t have any of the pictures of the vandalism at STAPLES or the multiple encampments at the abandoned furniture store which includes a dining room set and seats six on the sidewalk. How does Bonin look in the mirror in the morning. How can you be this incompetent, incapable of governing and expect anyone to believe a word he says? His inaction is criminal and he needs to resign or be recalled. If he had any moral compass he would resign. I have lived here since 1993 and he is by far the worst council member ever to serve this district.

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