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More LA Times Articles Where are the Results Regarding Housing, Helping the Homeless

Scathing new audit finds operational failures at LA’s top homeless outreach agency

(27 August 2018) “The homeless outreach agency (LAHSA) that was meant to move hundreds of people from the streets into housing, shelters or treatment for mental illness and substance abuse has failed dramatically to meet the goals of its contract with the city of Los Angeles, according to an audit released Wednesday by Controller Ron Galperin,” read the lead to the LA Times story about City Controller Ron Galperin’s audit.

City Controller Ron Galperin audited the LAHSA (Los Angeles Housing Services Agency) and said the results were “shocking.” Some excerpts from the article follow.

“ … The goals that were set by the city are not unreasonable,” Galperin told The Times. “Quite frankly, they are [setting a] pretty low bar to begin with. If you can’t meet the low bar, that’s a problem.”

“… There are things we can do immediately,” Galperin said. “You look at when civil emergencies happen around the world. This is what we have on our streets right how. Unfortunately, the city is not treating it quite as the emergency it is.”

Also in the article is a link to the story about restrictions in downtown LA and the homeless sweeps. Another story link is to why it took Big Mama nine years to find housing.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    So many neighbors that live around here have to clean up after the encampment on 3rd and it’s worst than you think. These sidewalk campers get dysentery from the rotten food that gets dumped on them so their diarrhea is left on the street for us to clean or the rain to wash it down but it gets worst than that. Neighbors here are forced into hosing it off their properties but it get worst than that. Where does it go you should ask? Down our storm drains but it gets worst than that. It ends up on our beach but it worst than that. It pools up next to a playground but it gets worst than that. Kids been seen playing in that cesspool but it gets worst than that. That cesspool has been found to have EColi bacteria. Kids playing in water and sand like this can get Hepatitis A and die! Now do you understand why this camp on 3rd needs to be shut down? https://imgur.com/gallery/O8DYBwk

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