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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 22 August 2019

The good news is that no one is on 4th Ave from Rose south to Vernon. Fourth Ave from Rose to Sunset is where the planters were placed and removed and 4th Ave from Sunset to Vernon has had an encampment for sometime. The bad news is that the Ocean and North and South Venice Blvd encampment is growing as is the encampment on Lincoln in front of Staples.

The area of Ocean, North and South Venice Blvd is getting more populated. The brown tarp is still there on Ocean. More tenters have moved to North Venice Blvd. Trash is on both sides. South Venice Blvd to Dell has a couple tenters and South Venice Blvd near Ocean has a few tenters.

Marie has three vans on North Venice Blvd and collects bottles and cans with six helpers during the night. She loads up the vans and takes her haul to La Cienega recycling.

Marie lives in Venice and collects bottles and cans for a living. Luigi (one sitting), I believe, is her helper. He is bilingual; she is not.

They start around 7 pm with a crew of five or more, and they collect bottles and cans until early in the morning. Then Marie loads them in the vans. As soon as they are filled, they are driven to the recycling place.

Westminster Senior Center Park has the same wooden tenters. The people on Main are still gone. They left last week. Hampton, south of Rose where Dorothea was or is, has another camper and one cannot tell whether Dorothea is still there.

Third Ave on the sunny, east side looks like it has filled in more.The west side looks the same. Lincoln Blvd at Flower is about the same but it looked more unkept with the bikes and the party. Beast didn’t recognize me at first. He and Jay had been drinking and were pretty out of it.

The encampment at Staples on Lincoln Blvd is growing and has a car and a van sleeping near by.

North Venice Blvd
Other side of North Venice Blvd with photo taken thru the trash.

Bud from Oklahoma just wanted his picture taken as he passed thru.

Hampton, south of Rose, where Dorothea lived

3rd Ave, east side

3rd Ave, west side

4th Ave, south of Rose where the planters were.

4th Ave, south of Sunset and even the grass got cut.

Lincoln Blvd at Flower

Lincoln Blvd in front of Staples

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  1. Bonehead Bonin

    How do we have a “Bud from Oklahoma” if Garcetti and Bonin keep telling us we only have “fellow Angelenos experiencing homelessness”?

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