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Venice Update

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Encampment Update — 15 August 2019

They don’t want to get near Dorothea on Hampton Dr, south of Rose.

Last week it was shown where Dorothea moved all the tenters on Hampton, south of Rose, off the street while she scrubbed it. This she did and no one came back. Thursday there was one tenter but he was a good distance from Dorothea. Dorothea and her husband are in the aqua-colored area to the right. If you’re going to be homeless, keep it clean! Hampton, north of Rose, has been the poster child for keeping it clean.

Ocean Ave and the North and South Venice Blvd seemed to change little with the week. Ocean Ave still has the brown tarp. During filming he is legal; a drive by later and he is illegal with his stuff all over the city property. North Venice Blvd has a bunch of tenters living on the parkway but when “at home” they spread on the sidewalk and the private property to make it impossible to pass, let alone be ADA compliant. The good news is that South Venice Blvd had fewer tenters. The garbage surrounding the area sometimes is astounding and impossible to figure out how it got there.

Overall this week, there were fewer tenters in each encampment and 4th south of Sunset was gone except for the garbage. Encampment on Main was gone.  Staples on Lincoln is growing. The encampment on Lincoln, east side, near Washington is gone. Film of 3rd both sides of the street is provided at the end of the commentary and photos.

When filming 3rd Ave, Andy approached me to find out what I was doing.  Andy was a 29-year-old from Detroit with a skateboard in his hand.  Asked him why he was here and he said he didn’t have a job.  I told him Starbucks was hiring and he vehemently replied that he didn’t want to work and serve rich folks. (At the time I was wondering if my Starbucks cup was visible.)  Told him that Whole Foods was hiring.  That didn’t seem to excite him  either.  He said he had run some auto repair shop at a location where there wasn’t one.  He then said he was thinking about leaving in a couple of months.  He had come from Detroit  in January.  It was assumed he was going home.  He told me that he and others wanted to throw rocks at my car for filming them in public view.  It is amazing how people living on the sidewalks feel they own the street.  They yell at  Sanitation to get off the street.  They yell at the BID people when they clean up the trash.  By the way Sanitation workers clean the street and disinfect it once a week.  BID Clean Team cleans up trash twice a day.  Public Storage pressure washes the east side of the street on Wednesdays.  How can 3rd ever be dirty?

Oh, yes, Andy was concerned about the trash  The trash can just behind him was empty with trash surrounding it on the street.  I said look.  He looked and said he tries to get people to put trash in the cans.  I said that is one can that can be filled up immediately.  He walked away without filling the can.

Ocean Ave

North Venice Blvd

South Venice Blvd

Trash on North Venice Blvd

4th, south of Sunset, is gone except for the debris. One commenter made the statement last week that the guy with the bikes looked like the one who was running a chop shop at Penmar Park.

4th, south of Rose, is the area that captured the headlines for last week. It was totally devoid of tenters and planters. Instead it was filled with garbage across the sidewalk and into the street. Two Clean Team operators from BID were busy bagging. There was certainly no ADA compliance there. The planters were removed in record time, less time than an abandoned mattress, yet it takes privately funded organizations such as BID to keep the sidewalks unobstructed or ADA compliant.

Lincoln Blvd seemed to be about the same.

Individuals continue to branch off.
Lincoln and Venice Blvd

Thatcher and Washington Blvd

East side of 3rd Ave.

West side of 3rd Ave.

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  1. Master Splinter

    Sadly, folks are back on 4th between Vernon and Sunset. I observed them smoking crack in a tent yesterday afternoon while children were walking by.

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