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Planter Boxes Created Unbelievable “In and Out” Frenzy in Venice

(Photo courtesy of Matt Fisher.) Planters removed and placed on parking lot of Lincoln Hardware.)

Planter boxes were certainly the story of the week in Venice. Boxes were installed one day and removed the next. One had trouble keeping up with the news–the real news, not the spin. The council office was totally unresponsive.

It wasn’t until Adel Hagekhalil, director of the Bureau of Street Services, stopped all the nonsense and uncertainty by making a statement Thursday. He said that there would be no more planter boxes removed in Venice provided they are ADA compliant, were installed prior to February 2019, and the person responsible obtains a permit.

There was a moratorium on permits to allow planter boxes to be installed in Los Angeles but the moratorium expired February 2019. To obtain a permit is time consuming and costly but mostly time consuming and usually a permit is not allowed. The permitting agency was given time to fix the problem but the problem was never fixed by February when the moratorium expired.

It started Monday when 30 planters were installed on 4th Ave from Rose to apartments owned by Venice Community Housing at Sunset. Neighbors were elated about the end of drugs in front of their houses, elimination of noise at night, the smell of marijuana. They said that even those in wheelchairs would be able to get by. https://veniceupdate.com/2019/08/05/planters-installed-on-west-side-of-4th-ave-at-public-storage/

Next day the planters were cited for not having a permit and not complying with LAMC 56.08(e)1 but the planters did provide three feet on one side (ADA compliant) and two feet on the curb side. https://veniceupdate.com/2019/08/06/planters-on-4th-ave-cited-for-clearance-yet-there-is-36-inches/

Wednesday the 30 planters on 4th Ave were removed by Street Service workers.
Gary Harris, Chief inspector for Street Services and at the site, said the reason for the removal was “no permit.” He also stated no more would be removed in Venice and he later retracted that statement. https://veniceupdate.com/2019/08/07/planters-removed-by-street-services-wednesday-no-permit/

Matt Fisher, resident and advocate for the homeless, said he had told Street Services about all the planters installed in Venice. “I just gave them all locations and evidence of illegal installation by people like Ryavec, Staples, Lincoln hardware, Taylor Bazley, whole foods, VNC and everyone else,” he wrote. “I took them to numerous places like Lincoln hardware, post office, 4th, the boardwalk by the waterfront bar.” Fisher believes that installation on the sidewalk is illegal and that they are placed there to displace homeless.

Thursday planters on Palms at Lincoln Hardware and Staples were removed by neighbors, after being cited on Wednesday, and told they would be removed Thursday by Street Services for “obstructing the sidewalk… LAMC 56.08(e)1.” These planters were installed before February 2019. Owner of Lincoln Hardware had already submitted a permit application as of Friday.

The planter frenzy stopped when Hagekhalil made his statement





(Photo courtesy of Matt Fisher.)

Sidewalk from Hardware property line at fence shows more than 36 inches.

Sidewalk distance from planter to curb is more then two feet.

Curb-Fence shows boundary and shows sidewalk to fence asphalt fill in.

Comments (38)

  1. Bonehead Bonin

    Those aren’t “rats”, they’re our “homeless furry neighbors” who have been pushed out of their burrows by NIMBYs and evildoer landlords.

  2. Rick Garvey

    I think it would be a good idea if someone walked around Venice and spray painted “NIMBY” on any fence over 6 feet tall.

    • Rick Swinger

      Rick Garvey Don’t you think its more important to pass out this Los Angeles County Health Dept Warning Bulletin about these diseased carrying rodents and their burrows that the homeless are unknowing camping next to around Google and Public Storage?

    • Wendy Lockett

      Love u garvey

  3. Diane

    I’m wondering if Matt Fisher also took the LAPD around to see encampments that are conducting illegal activity. I mean if Matt is so concerned with what’s legal or not, that would seem to make sense, right?

    • Matt Fisher

      Diane, I didn’t. I really don’t care about the illegal activity. What I really care about is screwing over the homeowners of Venice. I’m getting lots of bribes to help deflate property values in venice, and I’m going to be rich once my term is up!

  4. reta

    Hey guys use your own names. Do not post using someone else’s name. I don’t have adequate words for one who would use someone else’s name. Try to be constructive in your comments.

    Yes, it is probably true that they are removing boxes from other areas but the only source I have for such is Matt Fisher and the Venice Update pertains to Venice. TheDirector of Street Services did not mention such.

    • jason

      Matt Fischer is a junkie put on the VNC by Linda Lucks to do her bidding for the homeless industrial complex. The sad part is that removing the planters is NOT what the neighborhood wants and Matt has “lied” about this in coordination with Bonin to remove the planters. It’s a sad scam for money. Bonin will do anything for the money of the homeless advocates.

      Matt has literally put resident children and families at risk. It’s an outrage.

  5. Rick Swinger

    Mr. Tyler all you have to do is click on this you tube and see that Matt Fisher was posing for me in-between his two cop friends with his thumb up and then walked over to me and grab my IPhone camera by surprise. Its not hard to see this was unprovoked.The only reason I published this was to show folks he did not spit on me like Venice Vigilante person had said. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dug82LkzpGg

  6. Rick Swinger

    Whats amazing is after the Shit hits the fan and settles we seem to be in agreement that Bonin and Garcetti should not be reelected. If we can hold on to this we can make positive progress. There seems to be an outside force that wants Venice to be divide.

  7. Cc

    This is all discrimination against Matt cause he’s technically homeless too. They don’t want anyone with common sense or a connection to the world they fear so much.

    • reta

      I fail to see the problems you and others are conjuring up. Matt Fisher helped with facts and photos for the story as other members of the community help with facts and photos for the story. Is that too hard to understand?

  8. Venice Vigilante

    Matt Fisher (of Venice CA). Remember that time you shoved me and spit in my face when I was filming the planters? That was pretty uncool bro. I should have filed a police report.

  9. Loeseph

    Check out racist Reta Moser on YouTube

  10. Burpees

    Matt Fisher for City Council!
    He’s my hero! Shame on you discriminating few, you sound like a bunch of Trump supporters. Mark Ryavec we all remember your brother, this is a sad attempt to run from your oast. Everyone Google Mark Ryavec homeless brother for explanation of his agenda, Google money to see Francisco and Mosers explanation. Making money off discrimination and illegal dumping again!

  11. Cc

    Lies from Reta Moser created frenzy. City told NBC said all were going to be removed. Funny how all removed boxes were for 56.08 and now she’s claiming ADA. Non are ADA compliant, the public is not allowed to dump anything on the sidewalk including planter boxes. Illegally dumped items are legally removable by anyone. BSS is not needed, just a drill or maybe the 1,000 people living on the street need screwdrivers and instructions.

  12. Perry Moore

    Thank you for proving with these pictures why these planters were illegal. 3 feet of clearance does not include that 6 inches from the fence to where the sidewalk begins. How is a wheelchair user supposed to navigate that without getting all scraped up from the fence?

    • Durden Tyler

      You dont understand the nimby logic. It’s ok if a object blocks the sidewalks. Just as long as someone with no place to go doesnt.

    • LaRealidad

      I think wheelchair users will now be asked to be passed, hand over hand, over the heads of the drug addicts shooting up and breaking apart stolen bicycles to sell for more drugs and alcohol as they bypass provided bathrooms and water facilities to poop and pee in the street and on the sidewalks they’ve blocked with their passed-out or drugged-up bodies.

      Or they can just wheel, walker or crutch in the street, as they’ve had to do for the last year as the encampment has grown and grown and the drug addicts and bums have refused services.

      • I am Jack's dark humour

        Sounds like crowd surfing at a heavy metal concert, could be a fun experience for them. By the Slipknots new album: We Are Not Your Kind just dropped yesterday. Highly recommend you pick this album up, it’s 🔥

      • Wendy Lockett

        You are a moron. I hope you or a very close loved one to you ends up in a walker or wheelchair and are forced to receive ssi then becomes homeless because of the lack of affordable housing in venice and suffer mental instability because of the trauma then become drug addicted because you cant get your prescribed medications and because you feel the pain and shame that is put upon someone who used to be “normal” but now is less fortunate so society, especially venice society, looks down on him and treats him like he doesnt matter. I will be sitting on a sidewalk watching you as you struggle in your walker thru the or shuffle thru the street as you so eloquently put it and i will offer you a helping hand because i am homeless also and am so much more human than you

  13. I am Jack's Hysteria

    🐀🐀🐀🐀 oh no, Norway rats have invaded the veniceuphates message board!!!! 1.5 percent MIGHT be infected with the plague!!! 😂🤣😅

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