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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 8, 9 August 2019

Brown tarp is back on Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd. Most of those on Ocean have now moved to South Venice Blvd. The vans are gone from North Venice Blvd. Last week the electricity was cut off.

Geraldo, whom there is no photo of, was on North Venice Blvd with his bottles waiting for the van to pick up the bottles. He said the vans just left the area. He didn’t know where they went. He said he picks up bottles which gives him enough money to eat each day. One fellow, he said, bothers him because he comes at night and makes a big mess. Geraldo was busy cleaning up the mess.

South Venice Blvd

North Venice Blvd

Main St on west side of Westminster Elementary School looks like it has a little van, sidewalk encampment starting. Westminster Senior Center Park is clear except for the two wooden tents.

Main St

Hampton, south of Rose, was a delightful experience. Dorthea moved all sidewalk sitters off the sidewalk. Put the trash in a black plastic on the street and put soap and water on the sidewalk. How clean it was. When asked what she did with all the guys, she said she had them put their stuff on Main. “Look all the grease is gone,” she said happily. She was really pleased with the way the sidewalk looked. She was born and raised in California and use to live just off Abbot Kinney when it was Washington Blvd.

Hampton, south of Rose

Hampton, north of Rose, is still the poster child.

3rd Ave, both the east and the west sides, were filmed this week
West side

East side

4th south of Sunset on the west side of the Skills Center seems to grow and then decrease.

4th, south of Sunset

Lincoln Blvd near Rose has fewer tents or they are smaller. Beast was not up yet and didn’t see Josh or Jay.

Lincoln, south of Rose

Lincoln Blvd on the east side near Washington Blvd has the start of a new encampment.

Lincoln Blvd, near Washington Blvd

Comments (3)

  1. Carol

    The dude in the 3rd to the last picture (4th south of Sunset) looks like the same guy who ran the bike chop shop on the east end of the Penmar Golf Course….he would sit perched on a stool or bike and supervise the comings and goings of stolen bikes. On the rare occasion I ran through there he would always tell me to “run along, little girl”. (Kind of funny since I’m in my mid-50’s).

  2. Rick Swinger

    Matt Fisher did not spit on my face! Actually we had a good talk afterwards.

  3. Venice Vigilante

    Fill up some water balloons with bleach. Ride by and launch… that should do the trick!

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