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LUPC Sends 600 Mildred Back to VNC

Kim’s Market, Tesuque Market …  Both markets, both proposals all most read the same.
Kim’s market proposal for a restaurant, bar was voted down by the Land Use and Planning Committee and the Venice Neighborhood Committee in 2014.  The project galvanized a normally quiet neighborhood to one filling every hearing.    The project never made it to LA City Planning.  Now it is back with a different architect and a few minor changes.

By Angela McGregor

The property (600 Mildred) at the corner of Mildred and Ocean formerly known as Kim’s Market — will be facing a Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Board vote for the third time after Thursday night’s vote on the project.

The applicant on the project (Tezuke LLC) wants to turn the 900 square foot former neighborhood market, surrounded by residences, into an indoor/outdoor cafe featuring a full line of alcoholic beverages. They argued that the motion to require both a conditional use permit for alcohol consumption and a CEQA exemption to examine neighborhood impact had already been voted on previously as part of LUPC’s decision to green light the project, with conditions, in October, 2018 (the project was also previously denied by LUPC in 2014), which constituted a violation of neighborhood council bylaws.

However LUPC Chair Alix Gucovsky, who presented the new motion, said that she had discussed the legality of the motion with the VNC President, a representative from DONE (Department of Neighborhood Empowerment) and City Planning (who have left the project’s file open pending further review by the VNC) and all of them told her that, since LUPC’s 2018 decision did not specifically include the CUB permit or the CEQA exemption, a new vote on those specific issues was legal. The vote on the motion passed, 3-2 with one abstention. It will now be taken up by the VNC Board at their meeting on August 20th.

A motion regarding the new Venice-Mar Vista “Arts District” also passed, which would require the City to remove the “Arts District” designation from any drafts of both neighborhoods’ community plans and for the City to first get approval and input from both Venice and Mar Vista’s Neighborhood Councils before the creation of such a district, as required by the City Charter. This motion passed unanimously.

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  1. Is architect and VNC board member Robert Thiboudou and attorney Elisa Paster behind every significant shitty deceptive land grab/exploitation? The original vote “did not include the CUB”.. that means the last LUPC conveniently left it out to be inserted after the fact..

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