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Forced to Accept Shelter?

By Darryl DuFay

In the article, see below, is another homeless wrinkle with a statement from Governor Newsom that “there is compassion fatigue out there.” His current “right-to-shelter” problem is in the second paragraph below from the article. It is called “forced to accept shelter.” This appears to be a variation on the LA City “Jones” settlement in 2007, where 1,250 homeless units, half in Skid Row, were to be built so that LAPD police could remove homeless living on the streets/sidewalks because the units would provide an alternate for them to go into.

Unfortunately, no one paid much attention. Didn’t keep track of how many units were built. So, the LAPD could not enforce the LAMC against sleeping on the streets. In twelve years the homeless situation has overwhelmed Los Angeles. No one knows how many units would satisfy the “Jones” settlement today.

A wonderful climate coupled with the beach and non-existent enforcement draws people to Venice and compounds the crisis. Cost is also a concern. Mayor Gil Garcetti’s transitional “Bridge to Home” sheltered program was sold as a cost of $13,333 per bed. Currently, it costs $53,000 a bed. There is not enough money.

Not to worry. The politicians are “ruminating” on solutions that include more money.


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  1. Rick Swinger

    It was not deemed minimal by the Los Angeles County Health Dept Vector in their report so where are you getting this false info from. Nameless

    • Rick's lost empathy

      Ok so you have all these facts yet nothing to post. You couldn’t even answer that it was a bid worker who got bit by a flea that brought them out.

    • Rick Swinger

      Way before I had the conversation with David the BID worker I photographed and published the rodent burrows and called the health dept. I also took a walk on 3rd with Reta to show her. Now after this was published there were two other folks who called and maybe more. I was told by Pedro the inspector they were back logged but maybe early June but that time estimate was delayed for 6 weeks do to the fact they are extremely under staffed and it wasn’t until the last week of July he came for his first inspection. He called me a week or so after that . Now reducing rodent and mosquito population around an encampment, businesses, residents and cafes is a benefit to everyone unlike your stealing of my name and your banter on this very serious subject.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Why do you use my name? The Rat Infestation is not deemed minimal on 3rd for after the second inspection the LA County Health Dept Vector Control now has to go back for a 3rd time of inspection! With only 2 inspectors for all of LA County this is not what the Health Dept wants to do. Having to go back a 3rd time should give you pause of how big of a problem this is and we are not counting the time the Vector Mosquito was there. Geez Use your own name!

    • Ricky Swinger

      Because I’m your lack of human empathy Rick. You’re facts are straight up fabricated, they came out once. By the way do you know what caused them to come out???

  3. Ricky Swinger

    The Rat activity was deemed minimal on 3rd and Rose. Not only that google took the Public Health’s recommendations cleaned the foliage, installed more rat traps as well as fixed the outside A/C units of any standing water. I invite all the campers and homeless to my backyard! We have on site services as well a a shelter opening in November.

  4. Claire

    About time.

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