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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Planters on Palms at Lincoln Hardware, Staples Removed by Department of Street Services

(Both photos courtesy of Matt Fisher.)

(8 August 2019) The metal planters were removed from Palms Ave on both the Lincoln Hardware sidewalk and the sidewalk across at Staples this morning by residents before the Department of Street Services would have removed them. They were cited for “obstructing the sidewalk.” Each planter box was cited and given “0” days to comply.

“Lincoln Hardware assumed responsibility and did the right thing and moved them themselves to avoid major fines,” according to Matt Fisher, local resident and advocate for the homeless.

Yesterday, the Chief Investigator said there would not be any more planters removed (in Venice was assumed). The reason 4th was removed was because it was not permitted. The moratorium allowing planters without permit expired in February.

Today, Lincoln Hardware planters were removed. They were installed in November of last year within the jurisdiction of the moratorium. Today Chief Inspector Gary Harris emailed that he didn’t say that there would be no more removals in Venice. And he said that the planters (on Palms) were removed by the person who placed them there.

Matt Fisher, who apparently is working with Department of Street Services, says “all boxes on concrete are illegal per 56.08, and for using them to displace homeless people is illegal per Martin vs. Boise decision.”

Boxes on 4th were not cited for being on concrete. They were cited for not having a permit. Martin vs the City of Boise had to do with an inadequate number of shelter beds. People on sidewalk cannot be cited if there are no shelter beds available.

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  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    I guess the “solution” by Bonin and his disturbed ilk is to somehow rationalize living in shit and piss on the street is part of life in Venice. That the planters are the problem, not the fact we have an epidemic on the streets of Venice created by him and Rosendahl.

    • Blahblah

      It’s all the problem, especially you. See you on Lincoln.

    • Joe

      Your anger is misdirected Nick. Homelessness is the direct result of all the greedy landlords in L.A. They have turned it into a city that can only be afforded by people who make at least 8 grand a month and illegal immigrants who live 10 to 15 people in a one room apartment.

      • Venice Vigilante

        Joe, well.. the immigrants aren’t homeless. So they’ve clearly figured out how to stretch a dollar and actually do work that the lazy bums don’t wanna do.

  2. Wondering

    I look at the list of anti-planter supporters at Services Not Sweeps and it’s a laundry list of organizations in other communities pocketing money from the government for homeless services, and/or paid by Mike Bonin himself.

    Invisible People for instance, headquartered outside of Venice Beach (out of state maybe?), was paid by Mike Bonin’s office, as Freedom of Information Act requests show, to show up and support increased homeless services.

    Then every time someone pipes up and says “Well I live in Venice and I make no money at all from homeless non-profits” the tiniest bit of digging reveals their parents, partner or spouse are the ones drawing a salary for non-profit services. While they themselves live in houses and apartments that don’t have encampments in front of them, or sidewalks that are blocked.

    So in effect you have a variety of outside influences overriding and overpowering what the people of Venice want. How and why are they allowed that much say?


    • Yoda

      Planter boxes are everywhere in LA, not just venice. They are removing some Korea Town boxes today. And so what if someone has a job? All politicians are paid. Anti planter votes are over 6000, pro 300. Sore loser you Nimbys are.

    • Binenbaby

      We are moving all encampments to 1615 Andalusia Ave and 610-700 main Street as per request.

  3. Venice Vigilante

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if homeowners and businesses, fed up with blight and crime, took to more drastic measures to rid their communities of drug addicts and vagrants. Someone parking their van on your block? Drill a hole in the side of their tires. Have expired eggs? Bike down 4th and toss your rotten eggs into encampments. Someone refusing to move from your property? Re-point your sprinklers. Some crazy comes up to you and no one else is around? Mace him and let police you felt threatened. The planters were a peaceful protest, but with those gone, the gloves come off.

    • Travis

      If you want your head split open by one of those people, then go for it!
      I suggest you don’t mess with the mentally ill and people with nothing to lose. It will cost you everything, most likely your life.
      But you probably hide behind a fence like that fake name, right Mark Ryavec? We know it’s you.

    • Tyler durden

      Thanks Mark Ryavec! Now you are going to start a war you can’t win. 300 United Nimbys vs every homeless person, poor person, gang member and advocate in LA is the reason you won’t. You are a scared little b😰tch.

    • Jake Spencer

      I wish one of you would try it with me! 1000 homeless people coming for you Mark Ryavec and anyone else this stupid! Same with women abusers like Binen and Rials!

      • Venice Vigilante

        Sorry, do you think I’m scared? Because I’m not. It’s clear the peaceful protesting in the form of beautiful healing gardens isn’t working. So we’re going to step up efforts to take back our streets and take back our neighborhoods.

        • Real Venice

          Please try Mark Ryavec. You will lose like you’ve lost everything in life!

          See you at 1615 Andalusia!

          • Venice Vigilante

            Well, we’ll see what happens now that those planters are being removed. If the vagrants move back in, we’ll see what happens. The vigilantes will come out at night.

        • Venice ST

          You are scared and you say it in every interview Mark Ryavec! Come get some bitch!

        • Claire

          Healing gardens are not ice plants and poop. They contain food. Food boxes on grass are legal and encouraged! Tacky weeds that house rats don’t heal anything until they are removed.

  4. Swangingpick

    Planter boxes have been deemed rats nests now!

    • Rick Swinger

      The rats burrows we found were on the ground (not in planter boxes) and LA County Health Dept Vector Control cited 3rd and Google for Harboring Vermin(rodents). The planter boxes would have prevented the campers from camping next to the grounds we know harbor rats thus decreasing their chances of rat flea illnesses. I have never see any Norway rat burrows in planters boxes that have been installed but its possible not likely but separating campers from rat burrows is always a good idea!

  5. Rick swinger

    Go for the facts and not the fear. The facts are the campers will now have the choice to sleep even closer to these rodents burrows and their fleas on 4th increasing their chances of illness in our communities.

    • Claire

      Post office planter boxes were deemed rat burrows yesterday. Rats live in succulent plant clusters like public storage and post office has. We need to get these rat nests outta here! This is a public safety concern now. People not rats!

    • Tyler Durden

      The facts are despite the rodent burrows 3rd and 4th ave are still the best area for these young homeless people to camp. Hell I’d even go as far as to starting some sort of adopt-a-rat program.

  6. Ken

    This is a perfect example of how utterly broken Venice has become under the pathetic, misguided, inept “leadership” of Mike Bonin.

    Watching residents pay out of their own pocket (on top of property taxes) to improve their neighborhood and reduce crime & squalor only to have them removed by citation is a travesty. The encampments that will absolutely return don’t face any citations for littering, public defecation/urination, etc.

    I get the feeling that Mr. Bonin wants Venice to plunge further into decay so that the mass exodus that will definitely result opens the door (his wallet) to developers’ funding for mega housing.

    • Displacmentsucks

      You can’t reduce crime by commiting it.
      Planter boxes used to displace people is a city, state , federal and international human rights laws. Ignorance usually breeds discrimination, maybe it’s time we displace you idiots.

      • LaVista

        please displace them into your home and backyard. laws are made to be fair to ALL. last I checked piss and shit on private property is not only against the law, bur, clearly not all encompassing fairness to EVERYONE. the tired rhetoric of don’t make homelessness a crime is lame. the idiots are those that support the squalor and disease breeding that results from letting encampment sprawl wherever without out restrictions or consequences for code breaking. pendejo.

        • Todd

          The only legal way for you people to rid the streets of homeless people is if you get out of the way and stop trying to prevent the Bridge Housing from being built. That’s it. You all know that but you’re your own worst enemies. Just get out of the way.

          • Venice Vigilante

            I just donated $1,500 more to the VSA. I’m going to keep giving to block this shelter that incentivizes people to pursue a life of crime and laziness. I will never hire someone who was previously homeless in my organizations… once a thief, always a thief (just look at former drug addict Mike Bonin).

          • Venice Vigilante

            I will continue to donate money to the VSA so that we make it clear that living a life of crime and theft will get you nothing. I would never hire one of the vagrant thieves in my organization. Once a thief, always a thief… just look at meth addict Mike Bonin,

      • Bonehead Bonin

        “International human rights laws”?? That’s a laugher. What about the “human rights” of the taxpaying, non-feces-dropping citizens who work hard to keep their communities clean and free of garbage, rodents, crime, used drug needles, and other debris?

        • JJ

          Hi Mark Ryavec!
          Planter boxes are rodents nests, beds and toilets. They are illegal and are made of cancer causing treated wood, leaking in the storm drain and on sidewalks. Looks like your sole intention was to kill people and the environment while commiting crimes and causing filth. Mark Ryavec, you are to blame for everything right now. Encampments and crapping everywhere is legal because you file lawsuits to stop housing,storage and bathrooms.
          Typical broke wannabe nimby trying to raise his property values to sell and move out. It’s not our fault you did illegal construction on that ugly house and made it worthless!

  7. Claudia

    The only moratorium is for the food boxes located on grass. All boxes on concrete are illegal according to LAMC 56.08. No permit process exist for planter boxes on sidewalks ever. This story is completely false other than Lincoln hardware doing the right thing and moving them.
    Reta Moser is intentionally spreading lies to get people mad for no reason other than protect criminals illegally dumping. You do the crime do the time. Everyone thank Reta when your boxes disappear!

    • reta

      Claudia what paragraph in 56.08 are you referring to when you state that 56.08 states all boxes on sidewalks are illegal? And if they are illegal, whey was 4th Ave cited for not having a permit, not that they were installed. Just trying to figure all this out.

      • Claudia

        Look at the picture of the citations. All state 56.08 is reason for removal. 56.08 states all laws surrounding plants and sidewalks/parkways, abutting and otherwise. It clearly states in every line how this is illegal , combined with ord 183,474 permit process is where it gets to permits not allowed for boxes on the sidewalk, completely legal on grass though. Permits and sidewalk replacement/removal could allow an actual beautification projects legally, but it would cost a lot and wouldn’t be allowed in areas with encampments because of crazy mixture of old and new laws and lawsuits preventing progress.

        I built a fence without a permit once, they made me take it down, apply for permits and build again to code. Same principal.

  8. Matt

    Once again you are lying and intentionally causing confusion to spread fear because of your insecurities and ignorance.

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