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Head of Street Services Says No More Planters in Venice Will Be Removed Provided …

(8 August 2019) Adel Hagekhalil, director of the Bureau of Street Services, made the statement today that no more planters in Venice will be removed as long as they were installed prior to February 2019 and as long as they are ADA compliant. Nevertheless, the planters installed prior to February 2019 will still have to go through a permitting process.

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  1. Sigh

    “It’s not your neighborhood kook. You are a new transplant gentrifier. This not your back yard!
    Welcome to Venice, now go home!”

    For some of this, this is our longtime neighborhood, for generations, and we see what’s going on. There’s a tiny circle of people so angry that the city abandoned THEM way back when, and let their dads get shot in gang violence and their churches close and be abandoned (even though the congregation was already abandoning it themselves), that they want to extract their envy of change on everyone they deem a newcomer.

    Adding to that are newcomers who are transplants from dull places like Massachusetts and Chicago and Tennessee who came out here to be Free Spirits and live life off excitingly and artistically in Venice Beach and and couldn’t quite cut it, so they’ve rebuilt their lives as “activists” to cover up the humiliation of not being able to make a life out of singing protest songs and making protest posters when they had soft, easy upbringing themselves.
    It feels good for them to pretend to care about the homeless and disadvantaged while ignoring the elderly and handicapped in the same community because it doesn’t have quite the street cred and caché to make up for what they were never able to accomplish out here.

    Who’s suffering are the people living in the community in homes and apartments who know there’s something wrong with living surrounded by a free for all of syringes and actual crap, but are being called “NIMBYS” by the aforementioned even if they’re third or fourth generation themselves. At some point, all the residents will hit their breaking point and get fed up with that tiny handful of people holding everyone else hostage while they work out their daddy and mommy and personal failure issues.

    • Venice Vigilante

      This ^^. Activists are the real problem, living off mom and dad’s money while trying to impress their friends by living in LA, with no work other than fighting for the homeless (also transplants btw) to shit, piss, and commit crimes on the sidewalk. It’s the activists that are the problem. One large cesspool of people living off the teet of others.

    • Canalagator

      Most homeless activist are or were homeless, with no parents or money. Most do it 7 days a week drifting through life themselves with a sole purpose of trying to help those less fortunate, including you. Very hurtful of us transplants like Abbott Kinney, maybe we should be like you, born in West LA claiming generations. In the end we are prepared to sleep in the planter boxes and shit on your doorstep everyday for the rest of your worthless lives. There has always been homelessness and there always will be with morons like you.

    • Canalagator

      Doesn’t matter how long you have been here or much or little you have, if you hate people because they’re not like you, you are the problem.
      Sounds familiar Adolf?

  2. Cc

    The head of the BSS stated on NBC (real news) that all boxes, fences and signs are being removed.

    You are lying. Why don’t you want these people to remove their property from the sidewalk? Why is venice update and Reta Moser promoting criminals and their illegal activity? Do you want our sidewalks covered in crime?

  3. Tyler Durden

    I cant wait to see beautiful bodies take the place of those ugly containers. Make way, they need a place to lay!!!! ✊✊✊

    • Durden Tyler

      No encampment laws exist anymore. Public sidewalks are open to the public now. I heard the post office boxes are being turned into beds for the homeless. They are calling it camp Ryavec!

  4. Mike Bravo

    Permit or no permit, please believe they’re all gonna come down.

    • Jim

      How will they be coming down Mike?

    • Venice Vigilante

      Do it, Mike, and see what happens. This was the neighborhood’s way of peaceful protest. You better believe people are going to resort to more aggressive tactics to rid their neighborhood of blight, crime, and vagrants. We’re taking our neithborhoods back one way or another.

      • Boohoo

        Nimbys and aggression equals lawsuits and phone calls to Bonin. Soooo scary!

      • Real Venice

        It’s not your neighborhood kook. You are a new transplant gentrifier. This not your back yard!
        Welcome to Venice, now go home!

        • Venice Vigilante

          Venice is changing… for the better. The gentrifiers are taking over the neighborhood. The good news is we have enough money to win the war than the homeless and their advocates. I

      • Joe

        Congratulations. This post has earned you and your IP address a formal report to a law enforcement agency.

        • Tyler Durden

          But let’s be real Joe. Pacific division has more important thing to worry about, they barely did anything when Rick Swinger got his ass beat in 2017.

          • Rick Swinger

            Yes they do like the 81 year olds that are being attack now.

          • Joe

            This post is now on file with the proper authorities. In the event of any violent vigilante actions against the homeless they now know who to drag in for questioning.

          • Venice Vigilante

            This is great news Joe! I’m looking forward to the police searching for the correct owner of IP address I’m sure they’ll go through the hassle of getting a warrant. Also, I use guest WiFI, so not sure how they’ll track it back to the appropriate user. Cheers!!

        • Venice Vigilante

          You should post my IP address here for us all to see. Is it ?

          • Tyler Durden

            Venice update doesn’t have intelligence to find out such info. That statement is a fake as the articles the veniceupdate.com puts out.

    • Bill

      Does this make you happy and why?

  5. Ralph

    You have three different names as the head of street services in every article, you didn’t know any of the ordinances or laws, you continually lie about everything on this site. Where’s your proof?
    Hammer Time!

  6. Boohoo

    They all will go .
    Surveyor was marking the post office ones today.
    Blocking any section of the sidewalk is an ADA violation.
    Sledge hammer time!

    • Jim

      Why are you excited about this?

      • Boohoo

        Protecting human rights excites me. You Nimbys lose your minds over a few planter boxes, when homeless people’s belongings are stolen by police everyday, they are thrown in jail for not having a home, they are beaten, used and abused all day every day, yet never complained as much as you people over your illegal dumping cancer causing litter boxes. You are a waste of space on this earth if you support planter boxes for removing people. Nimbys have more mental illness than any other group, aka baby boomers and their self entitled kids. And that’s a scientific fact.

        • Venice Vigilante

          Are they human rights if the people live and act like criminals and animals?

        • Bill

          You are a clueless, blind, ignorant clown for these comments.

          The majority of the people on the streets shouldn’t be called homeless, they should be called worthless. Because that’s what they are, drug addicts that will steal, rape, hurt and do whatever it takes for the next buzz. You clearly don’t live near, or are ever around any of these encampments, and if you do, then you have just validated to the world that you too are worthless because you don’t have a brain.

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