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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Planters Removed by Street Services Wednesday — No Permit

City workers remove planters on 4th Ave.

(7 August 2017) City workers busily removed the 30 planters placed on 4th Ave Monday.

They were cited by Street Services Tuesday for not having a permit, according to Gary Harris, Chief Investigator of Bureau of Street Services.

Matthew Fisher, resident and homeless advocate, reported all these planters and all the other planters in Venice.

Harris said only the planters on 4th are being removed. The others fall under the moratorium for permits that was passed by City Council. The moratorium expired in February. The moratorium for permitting was passed so that Building and Safety could review and rework their permitting requirements for planters. A new system for permitting planters has not occurred and the moratorium expired in February.

Homeless had been sleeping on 4th Ave across from single-family residences. Many who were there Monday during the installation talked of the marijuana smoke, the loud talking and screaming after hours, and the general threat to their lives and property. One lady talked about the lack of ADA access and Venice Community Housing had a wheelchair tenant who could not pass.

This following statement by an anonymous resident rather summarizes the situation for the residents.

Prayers answered. FINALLY!! These planters are the best thing that has happened in the 5 years I have lived on this street. Finally I can come home at night and not feel threatened and deeply uncomfortable, finally I can sleep through the night without endless screaming and fighting directly outside my bedroom window, finally I can come out of my house in the morning and not find pee and poop in every corner of my front door and garage area.. I simply cannot understand why anyone except the people who were camping, fighting, taking drugs, stealing bikes, and using our street as a toilet would want these planters to be removed.

Please allow them to remain here, I beg you.

They are removing the earth, the plants, and the metal containers.

Comments (56)

  1. Rick Swinger

    The Norway Rat: Habitat & Food Sources
    Norway Rats live in colonies and prefer to live right alongside people, where they can easily leech off of our food sources. Norway rats usually construct nests of shredded paper, cloth, or other fibrous material in below-ground burrows or at ground level around the lower levels of buildings, beneath concrete slabs, around streams, ponds, and garbage dumps, or wherever else food, shelter, and water are readily available. The Norway Rat will eat almost anything, but prefers fresh and wholesome foods such as grains, meats and fish, nuts, and some fruits. Norway Rats typically need 1/2 to 1 ounce of water daily when feeding on dry foods, and less when moist food sources are available.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Unintended Consequences… The planter boxes that have been removed on 4th will allow many unknowing campers to camp close to the grounds where these rodent burrows we know now breed Norway Rats. Who cares about this you asked? The LA County Health Dept who has put out Bulletins about finding both Viral and Bacterial agents in these native Rodents. No they are not scare-mongering like folks here have said they are warning us to be careful and to have rat proof trash cans as well as good sanitation. Neither rat proof trash cans or good sanitation is seen on 3rd. What is seen on 3rd is a vulnerable changing population of homeless and campers who most do not know their tents are on top or next to these rodents and their fleas.Lets hope between Google and Public Storage they could find enough funds to put out these much needed Rat Proof Trash Cans but now we now they must first get permits i guess for activists like Matt Fisher will take them down. Here is an interesting OP-ED on this topic by LA Times… https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-randall-plague-climate-change-rats-20190516-story.html

  3. A.K. McNeil

    BTW look at the picture and explain how a wheel chair could not pass when the dang tents blocked the sidewalk. WHY IS THAT NOT AN ADA VIOLATION!!!!!!!!!

    • Bryavacbutt

      There is only 1 ADA investigator in LA. Encampments are technically legal now because of Martin v Boise and surrounding laws and getting more lenient.
      Good luck with that, it would be easier to house them than to lose the thousands of lawsuits the unconstitutional enforcement would bring.

    • Nick Z

      Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against LA for sidewalk ADA violations. The City fails to enforce and people in wheelchairs are thus discriminated against. The City would lose for sure, but someone needs to organize a class action.

  4. A.K. McNeil

    I am so sick and tired of the City of Los Angeles. They don’t give a damn about the actual residence. Our street is now rules by people who do not live in the area. I bet their would be all kinds of planters in their neighborhoods if they had to go through the CRAP, AKA POOP that we literally have to go through.

  5. Mark

    Lincoln hardware was just forced to move their illegal planter boxes. More to come!

  6. Bum Be Gone

    Time to sue the city for selective enforcement and non-enforcement.

  7. Mark

    Lincoln hardware boxes go today!

    Thanks Ryavec for installing the all illegally!

  8. Last_Venice

    I see the Culver-Palms burrito guy who lives in SANTA MONICA, a KOREATOWN organization, a bunch of organizations in SANTA MONICA, and people related to those groups who live in CULVER CITY all chiming in on planters in Venice.

    Seems like there’s an awful lot of outside influence in Venice that overpowers the voices of actual residents.

    And by residents I mean the people living here, not Josh from Iowa and Jay from Texas and The Beast from Hawaii and all the other quoted, researched encampment dwellers quoted by Venice Update.

    We’re in a situation where grenades are being found in the homeless encampments in the Sepulveda Basin, NBC is mapping the hundreds of encampment fires caused by homeless, and a group of people not even living in Venice have decided more encampments are what’s best for the people of Venice. That’s shady as hell.

    • Trevor

      Illegal planter boxes are all over LA, this is a huge fight, not just in Venice.

      You can thank Mark Ryavec, Travis Binen and George Francisco for the removals. Their annoying the city for permission to do thousands of them for the sole reason of illegal displacement of homeless people. And installing the majority of boxes themselves led to this.

      You people hung yourselves.

  9. Lisa Redmond

    While I am happy that justice prevailed and the planters were removed, I am deeply saddened by the overall picture.

    I am sad that my neighbors feel that parkway landscaping is what they see as a viable solution to make the unhoused disappear from their sight.

    I am sad that the unhoused are not accepted as our neighbors and members of our community, even though they live here.

    I am sad that the money spent to install planters could not be spent in a way that might actually help to solve, or at least ease the burden, of the growing crisis happening right in front of our eyes and homes.

    I am sad that there is a culture of us and them, and that we cannot come together as a community, working together to find real solutions.

    I am sad that I don’t foresee any change than the status quo within our beloved community, of residents’ bitter dissension and continued infighting.

    • Lisa Redmond

      I am also sad that a great waste of property taxpayer’s money was spent unnecessarily to remove something that should have been there in the first place.

      • Venice Vigilante

        Shut up Lisa Redmond of Venice, CA… you work for a catholic charity. So 1) you love hiding and harboring rapists, and 2) you’re profiting off the poor.

        • Lisa Redmond (real name not a made- up moniker to hide behind)

          1) I’d be interested to see your actual proof that every unhoused person is a rapist, only guessing here since you weren’t specific as to who the so-called “rapists” are.
          1.5) I’m not hiding or harboring anything, especially not my name unlike you.
          2) I work as a volunteer, not paid or profiting in any way. No, I take that back. I profit in my spiritual beliefs that I am fighting the good fight.

        • Ivan Nevsky

          Looks like this website has been taken over by a Russian Troll farm running a psy-ops operation.

    • Blanche

      So very well said Lisa L! Of course none of us what excrement and screaming on our blocks, but why does everyone act like people just wake up one day and CHOOSE to be homeless!?!?

  10. john ryan

    We’ve had a Stop Sign down in our neighborhood that was reported three weeks ago, but Street Services has the time for planter removal. I smell Bonehead on this one.

  11. Rick Swinger

    I will be hiring an Aeta’s Tribe from the Philippines to Voodoo You on 3rd Ave and take away the negativity it has now. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  12. Leora Barish

    Ugh. The level of distrust, aggression, opposition, defiance, irritability, trolling, politicking, paranoia, threats, etc, mostly from a small number of very vocal people in this thread, is really discouraging. And kind of scary. No wonder some people don’t want to sign their names to their comments. And I”m sure there are others who are afraid to voice an opinion lest they get attacked for it.
    Maybe we need an experienced conflict resolution mediator / respected elder with community cred should be moderating this conversation. Just kidding – you can’t talk to people who just want to impose their will on others.

  13. Malcolm White

    Take the “I don’t want to work for a home”-less out with the trash. Setting up a gas bbq on the street and watching movies on your iPad in a tent is exploitation, not someone in need of help.

    Stop thinking with your hearts and start thinking with your brains.

    • Claudia

      At least some people are thinking. You just blame, lie and probably live in the tent nextdoor and are jealous. God forbid a homeless person be entertained or eat something. You probably don’t want them to work because it takes your jobs. Go build a wall Chump!

  14. Mike Bravo

    Loving all the anonymous posters by the way. Talking mad shit but can’t put their name to their words.

  15. I think it’s super sad that pro-planter people see this as a binary issue. Like either there are encampments of houseless folks OR there are planters that push said houseless folks to a different street. What truly do you think the planters accomplish? Why don’t you use your money and political will to organize for actual public safety? While none of you want to admit it, residents of Venice are residents of Venice, whether they live in a tent or live in an overpriced bungalow. As you all welcome google and Snapchat and real estate speculators to come in and actually ruin Venice, you turn your ire to poor people. It’d be pretty hilarious if it wasn’t so damn inhumane. Also as a proud member of both White People 4 Black Lives and Culver-Palms Burrito Project, just to let you know, neither org is a “non-profit,” both orgs are entirely volunteer-run and we don’t have funding. Believe it or not, you don’t need a paycheck to believe that Housing and Food is a Human Right, you just need a heart where that big empty hole is in your soul. 🤙🏻

  16. AdaGone

    Let’s not pretend a lot of “concerned citizens” called in the OMG ILLEGAL PLANTERS.

    As always, it’s a small group of disgruntled people who make their living off of non-profit homeless services or other government entities.

    It’s the exact same group of about a dozen people belonging to White People for Black Lives, People Organized for Westside Renewal, the Culver Palms Burrito Project and the Venice Coalition For Whoever Foots The Bill who show up to protest anything that moves because they love Sticking It To The Man regardless of how many actual local residents they hurt.

    • Lisa Redmond

      I am a concerned citizen. I called in for the removal of the planters. I am not a disgruntled individual who makes a living off of non-profit homeless services, or any other government entity. I fight, as you do, in what I perceive as fair and just, although we are on opposite sides of the issue. I do not do any act intentionally just for the sole purpose to “stick it to the man.” Yes, I support multiple organizations that cross over in beliefs, as I’m sure you do to. And just to let you know, there are more than a dozen of us, and I’m pretty sure we are not hurting anyone.

      • WhoIsBehindKTownForAll

        Has anyone looked into why the Koreatown For All group has decided that planters and sidewalk blocking and free RV living in Venice Beach are high on their list of priorities?

        • More Like KultTown for All

          I hear Ktown for All is secretly funded by Nury Martinez as a way to take heat off of her among her constituents and transfer it to paid “protesters.” Shady stuff.

      • Venice Vigilante

        Lisa Redmond of Venice, CA. You are not a concerned citizen. You work for a carholic charity, so you are both hiding rapists and profiting off the poor. Nice try trying to tug at heartstrings. No one is buying it.

        • Lisa Redmond (real name and not a made-up moniker to hide behind)

          I believe it is wrong for you to decide what I am or am not without even knowing me. I am just a concerned citizen as you are, we just have different ways of approaching the issue. I feel I am approaching the issue with integrity and compassion. I cannot speak for how you are approaching the issue because I don’t know you. I can only go by your words, which appear to express hatred and condemnation. I’d be interested to see your actual proof that every unhoused person is a rapist, only guessing here since you weren’t specific as to who the so-called “rapists” are.
          I’m not hiding or harboring anything, especially not my name unlike you.
          Additionally, I work as a volunteer, not paid or profiting in any way.

    • Mike Bravo

      Can’t even put your name to your post. What a chump

    • Geff

      You sound mad George Francisco?

    • Geff

      Thanks George!

  17. Womp womp womp =( A lot of people called this in, not just one person. Whole lot of anonymity on the side of the planter box criminals too geesh. Cowards can’t even own or stand by their actions or words. Pushing people out are not solutions. The same anonymous chumps complaining are the same ones obstructing housing and services solutions for the unhoused.

    • Harry Makepeace

      Mike Bravo — It’s not quite as black-&-white as you suggest. I am strongly in favor of housing & services for homeless people, including “Safe Parking.” However, I also am in favor of planter boxes — they have improved the quality of life for residents. By this I mean, our sidewalks were never meant to be campgrounds. (Sanitation issues, yo!) Green plants, good. Clear sidewalks, good. Services & Safe Parking (porta-showers, etc.), all good. Hasta la vista.

  18. Guts? Says the anonymous poster. Hilarious. How about you post your address?

  19. Matt Fisher

    Reta you should stop lying.

    I helped enforce the law. I didn’t file the initial reports, just provided all evidence and locations as required by my job. And my name is Matt not Matthew. Great journalism as always!

    See you in court!

    • Celeste Chada

      You help enforce the law? Are you a police officer? Do you mean in your volunteer position on the neighborhood council? Does that come with police power?

      • Matt Fisher

        Celeste, if you haven’t noticed, I got elected by a majority to the VNC. Therefore, I basically AM the law.

        • Venice Jerome

          Seriously Matt? You “are the law”??! The neighborhood councils serve merely in an advisory capacity and have absolutely zero law making power. Whatever authority you think you have, someone in the actual LA bureaucracy has veto power over.

  20. LifeInVenice

    Hilarious how the druggie transient supporters suddenly cried fowl on ADA compliance…where were these same people when the encampments were truly blocking sidewalks? The least these hypocrites could do is have the guts to admit they don’t give a shit about ADA compliance. And, provide their addresses so people who have been living in this nightmare for years can send new neighbors to the sympathizers.

    • Matt Fisher

      Hilarious how every wannabe nimby thinks they know everything, but knows absolutely nothing.
      This was about the Martin v Boise decision and 56.08, nothing to do with ADA. I’ve been fighting to clear the sidewalks of people, I just want them to have a place to go on top of it. Feel free to email me and we can talk seriously if you’d like. I made a believer out of Rick Swinger, I can do it with you too.

      • LifeInVenice

        Wait, is this the SAME Matt Fisher who was against the Bridge Housing at the MTA lot and the Monster in the Median? (You talked with a couple people I know and told them you against these proposals). BTW, the way to make friends is continue to tell everyone who has a differing opinion that they know absolutely nothing. Just sayin’. 🙂

        • Matt Fisher

          If that’s the best you got, it’s no wonder you hide behind fake names.
          Email me if you want to meet!

          • LifeInVenice

            Interesting response. So, I guess you were against the BH at the MTA and the Monster project.

          • Matt Fisher

            My past, present or future opinions don’t matter when I represent positive stakeholders. It’s up to Venice

          • LifeInVenice

            Glad to hear that. And, I hope the planters get discussed with the VNC; I really feel for the people who have been living with this mess for years.

          • Venice Vigilante

            Matt Fisher, Venice Politician: You’re probably taking a page out of Mike Bonin’s book and getting kickbacks from developers and organizations who stand to get some of the $1.2bn of tax payer money. Follow that money… to your bank account. Careful, the FBI has LA pols under a microscope.

    • Beth Allyn

      I supported removing those planters and all the rest in Venice as well. Honestly, if you really wanna help get people off the streets, help get people into homes within the community and stop fighting every project, it might even surprise you how helping others helps you.

      • Liz

        Beth, I’d be happy to help move a population of them to live outside your home where they can do drugs, fight, empty your trash daily, and set fire to your property. It sounds like you’d be more than happy to clean up with their mess everyday, and tolerate the crime that it brings. Not to mention the lack of response from the police when you report their crime. You’re gonna love it!

    • Lisa Redmond

      And it’s not fowl that pro-planter supporters say the parkway landscaping’s purpose is to solely absorb rainfall and reduce pollution flowing to coastal waters?

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