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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Moms and kids forced into the street because of encampments

Two women with children facing encampment in the middle of the photo.  One is in the street and the other will have to enter to be able to pass.

By Sam Awad

(7 August 2019) Because of the lack of enforcement of 56.11 and the Jones Settlement, on a daily basis we are forced off the sidewalk and into the street facing traffic because transient encampments are blocking the whole sidewalk and not leaving more than 6 or 8 inches for anything else to pass, which is not ADA compliant.

Without these planters, you are putting children’s lives in danger again, and this post will go on the record in the unfortunate case of injury due to unsafe passage on a Venice sidewalk.

Please stop ignoring the safety of Venice residents and allow neighborhood beautification projects and enforce 56.11,  the Jones Settlement, and the Federal ADA law as written.

I am at a loss for words on what is happening in this city. What is wrong with this picture other than everything.

Frustrated Venice Resident

Comments (6)

  1. Bum be gone

    All you bum supporters in Venice. One day when you get stabbed by the bums hopefully you will learn your lesson.

  2. Plant man

    This writer seems confused. That’s a crosswalk they are using.

    Real question is why are you acting like a pervert, taking pictures of mothers and kids. Somebody needs to 85.02 this “article”.

  3. Chrystal

    That’s me!
    I was crossing the street, quit being a hater! Go back to Ohio!

  4. Reta

    Most of those planters are made from treated cancer causing wood, that leaks down the storm drain with every rain. Crossing the street vs cancer causing unpermitted construction ? You want homeless people to follow the laws, you want police to enforce the law, but you want to break the law to up your property values. Very progressive…

  5. Pide piper

    Looks like they are using the crosswalk. Keep spreading fear and lies though, it’s really working. A beautification project is coming to LA, but not to displace homeless against the Martin v Boise decision.

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