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Venice Update

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Family Clinic Holds “Stay Connected” Day Wednesday

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

(7 August 2019) It was “Stay Connected Homeless Services Day” at the Family Clinic Wednesday on Rose Avenue.

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  1. Venice Vigilante

    Is that the “homeless” mooch who shares a Santa Monica apartment with his girlfriend? The same guy who hates Starbucks yet sits there all morning using their WiFi? David Busch, right?

  2. Rick Swinger

    If they are used to separate campers from rodent burrows its a good idea for the community especially the homeless are helped. It much better to camp elsewhere than next to these active rodents burrows.

  3. Laddie Williams

    Let’s come together with solutions this is a social problem that needs positive energy. We are all aware that human beings are unhoused, so we need to create positive solutions for our brothers and sisters who need our HELP. Please remember Venice is diverse and there are resources out there to assist with human needs and illegal planter boxes are not the solution. Venice Lives.

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