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Planters Installed on West Side of 4th Ave at Public Storage

(5 August 2019) Approximately 30 metal planter boxes were installed today on west side of 4th Ave from Rose Ave, the length of all  the Public Storage buildings, to the Venice Community Housing apartments that go from Public Storage to Sunset Ave.

The Public Storage manager said he knew nothing about it.  He said maybe corporate did it but he would probably not be informed.    Police arrived and made sure that the planters provided adequate ADA spacing, which they did.  Whether the planters will be installed in front of the VCH apartment complex is not known at this time.

Neighbors were excited and gathered to talk about watering the plants, what to plant, etc.

One person said that Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing, called the police to try to stop the planter placement.

One woman who lived near by said that the VCH building had people with wheelchairs and they couldn’t pass because of the homeless camping out on the sidewalk on 4th Ave.

One woman was so happy.  She said she smelled the marijuana smoke, saw the drug dealers, heard the loud noises all day and night.

One lady stopped by to inquire if the planters were going to be put on 3rd.  The police said they had no idea.  When asked where she lived, she refused to say other than just “Venice.”

This story will reflect any additional facts as they become known.


Comments (16)

  1. Matt Fisher

    They are gone now.
    City is rewriting ordinances currently to allow some in the future if done legally. Change is coming!

  2. Nick Z

    Matt has a point. We need to lobby the city to repeal or adjust LAMC 56.08 and ordinance 183474 to allow permitted planter boxes. Surely if people can store private belonging on the public sidewalk, people should be able to put public planter boxes on public property. I’d bet that 95% of the voters of LA would support such an amendment, so it would make good political sense. After all, there is no law that says sidewalks have to be wider than 36″, which is the ADA requirement, so why not shrink all sidewalks to that width.

  3. Matt Fisher

    Email me and lets meet.
    I can explain everything you need to know, but I won’t put it online. You clearly don’t know anything and only want to talk about your rats that have been here longer than you. The people tired of the old ignorant few voted me in. Change is coming and your fear is obvious. If anyone actually asked my opinion, you’d see we all want the same thing in the end.

  4. Rick Swinger

    This is not about spreading fear its about having a heads up and being smart which again is hard for you to understand Matt.

  5. Rick Swinger

    The fact you try to bully me with a slander suit after I tell you my wife works as a RN in at Hospital in ICU helping folks and I am covering this Rat infestation that has been reported by the County Health Dept in our area shows me what you are made of. Who voted you into office?

  6. Rick Swinger

    Matt Fisher I will love to meet “the Homeless Pied Piper to the Plague” but Im telling you now I think you got about enough smarts as a Bubonic Infected Flea. Thats the problem these rats are native and so is the Bubonic Plague along with a host of other diseases that are making a comeback from the middle ages! My wife is a RN thats works in ICU and I am a Photo Journalist. We are on the frontline of this so when it does hit these homeless will be your canary in the coal mine you selfish prick and you can run away but we will still be here fighting these polluted filthy streets you are making for us!

    • Matt Fisher

      I will definitely bring bring you some plague Rick! In the form of a slander lawsuit. See you soon!

    • Matt Fisher

      Few free to email me Rick.
      I will meet you anytime!
      I don’t have time to argue with a rat loving online bully that lies to spread fear.

  7. Rick Swinger

    Is Matt Fisher the Homeless Pied Piper to the Plague? Is that what he wants to be forever known for in Venice?

    • Matt Fisher

      No Rick you are the one playing with rats, which have always been here unlike you.
      Ask the police and the city why they don’t enforce other sidewalk laws, not me. You should be happy some laws are being enforced and bug the city like thousands of other people have about illegal planters blocking our sidewalks. The reason encampment laws are not enforced is because of people like you talking out the side of your neck without a clue about anything. This wasn’t my doing, but I’m happy as hell about it! I will happily explain to you in person next time I see you since you think you are a bully now! I look forward to seeing you.

  8. Matt Fisher

    All planter boxes on concrete sidewalks or parkways are illegal as per LAMC 56.08 and ordinance 183474. Owner planting is only allowed in existing dirt or grass areas, if rules are followed. These boxes were issued 30 citations and the owners will be fined for removal. Department of Street Services issued citations and are handling the new investigation into every illegal planter box in LA and who put them there. All boxes on concrete are illegal and will be removed. All parties involved will be prosecuted with civil and criminal charges.

  9. Rick Swinger

    This is Great News! Less Campers on 4th means less chances of a Typhus and/or Bubonic Plague outbreak in our community due to the current Norway Rat Infestation. Now if we could do the same for 3rd and Hampton Dr. No reason to encourage camping next to rat burrows. I would rather camp next to a Rattlesnake Den than next to these Norway Rat Nests! Thats for Sure!

  10. Steve Burns

    ” Police arrived to make sure the planters provide adequate ADA spacing…..”
    People block the sidewalks, not just the parkways, which is where the planters are located, all the time, with tents, junk, scooters, tables etc. – generally all the time, not just Jones Settlement time (9 – 6). They do it with impunity. LAPD do not respond to these calls, but they responded immediately to this same day?
    Is it just because someone at VCH called (allegedly), this reeks of very selective enforcement and favoritism to me. I understand they “approved” of the distances for ADA, but that is beside the point. If the sidewalks and parkways are now lawless without code enforcement, that needs to be across the board (tents, planters, scooters, motorcycle rentals). LAPD has a difficult job and they do it well, but how about some even handed treatment here in old Venice?

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