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Vector Control Provides Norway Rat Flyer

(2 August 2019) This is a flyer on the Norway rat put out by Vector Control which is part of the Los Angeles Public Health facility.

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  1. Mad rats at Gjusta too. I seent it with my own eyes. How come all these haters concerned about public health not asking to shut down Google, Gjusta, et al. ?

    • Rick Swinger

      Because Mike Bravo anyone with half a brain realizes the major sanitation problem that is aiding the population growth of these rats is not Gjusta but the block long trash pile up on 3rd at Encampment that still has no Rat Proof Trash Cans promised to me by Mayor Garcetti at the last Town Hall in Oct!
      2019 8/15 10:25PM Alley next to Google Evidence of the infestation. Dead Male Norway Rat. https://imgur.com/gallery/KtfGGyz

      • Rick Swinger

        Im in contact with Jamie Keene of Homelessness Response Center and Stephanie Cohen District Director,West/Metro working to get these folks on 3rd Rat Proof Trash Cans as we speak. LASAN doesn’t have any but I notice the County does so Im bringing in the County to the City to help. If thats sounds like homeless hating in your book well geez somewhat judgmental are we? Go for the Facts Not the Fear! Official Inspection Reports by County Health Dept contrary what Gary Walker stated in his Argonaut Article.. https://imgur.com/N2TWCZu and https://imgur.com/VpOvcys

      • Darlene Davis

        Do you really think the homeless are going to use the cans or even close the lids. They sure don’t use the trash cans on lincoln by 711 or Walgreens

  2. Rick Swinger

    Gary Walker did not read the Two Official Inspection Report carefully. There were 3 violations for 320 S Hampton dr. 1. They must maintain a clean, sanitary conditions free from garbage, rubbish, refuse and waste at all times. 2. Active Burrows Observed 4+ on the east side of property(next to the encampment). Now each burrow can have a nest of 14 babies plus the 2 adults so you can have 16 rats per burrow. Every 3 weeks they can have a new litter of babies so you can see how this can add up quickly with just only 4 active burrows but they add + so most likely more burrows there for they inspected for only 50 minutes and found the infestation.3. Infestation/Harborage of Vermin(rodents) No person shall occupy, maintain, or cause or permit another person to occupy or maintain any building, lot,premises vehicle, or any other place in such condition of construction or maintenance shall permit the breeding or harborage therein or thereon of rodents, fleas,bedbugs,cockroaches,lice,mosquitoes or any other vermin. no person may permit an accumulation of any material that may serve as a rodent harborage unless such material be elevated not less than 18 inches above the ground or floor with a clear intervening space there under. The second report from the inspection on July 23 did not include 4th nor Public Storage as Gary claimed in his misleading article. It did cover 3rd and Rose Ave and Rose Ave and Sunset which said there was a large homeless encampment with trash cans full. It states specifically that he Observed “Norway Rat Activity” on private property located on the other side of the fence where the homeless encampments are! How you could of missed this Gary is beyond me! So this idea its not effecting the encampment is absurd. I noted about a dozen rodent burrows my self and made a guess there might be hundreds but I was not allowed on Googles property but the fact that these rats where breeding next to the encampment and have a gestation period of 3 weeks you can see how quickly just four active sights over a year can produce Yes Gary Hundreds of Rodents! https://argonautnews.com/public-health-ties-venice-rat-in…/…

  3. Rick Swinger

    2019 8/14 11AM You cannot have proper sanitation in an encampment without “Rat Proof Trash Cans”! I think it possible I made progress on this for 3rd. I was able to contact the Unified Homeless Response Center and they agreed that 3rd needs to have Rat Proof Trash Cans ASAP do to the ongoing Rodent Infestation that is occurring on the ground at Google next to the encampment. 1pm UPDATE This is why its so frustrating! LASAN does not currently have an inventory of rodent-proof trash bins! UHRC is investigating the rat proof trash cans Bonin has installed by his place on Venice Blvd. At $6000.00 a pop but if thats all they got we will take them for 3rd!

  4. Rick Swinger

    We need more LA County Health Dept Vector inspectors in Los Angeles. Did we catch the problem on 3rd and at Google in time and where are the Rat Proof Trash Cans Garcetti and Bonin promised Venice at the Last Town Hall in Oct?

  5. Rick Swinger

    Another CBS News Report just last month..LA Now The ‘City Of Rats’? Report Warns Of ‘Alarming Increase’ In Rodent Population! https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2019/07/16/la-rats-rodents-california-health-emergency/

  6. Rick Swinger

    The appropriate comment might be “HOLY SHIT” Im contacting my elected officials today! https://imgur.com/gallery/QRjX47L

  7. Bad Idea Bonin

    “Keep sidewalks and alleys clean”. As if!

  8. Rick Swinger

    We all have a Moral responsibility to inform people that they should not sleep next to Rodent Burrows! https://imgur.com/a/ryrvlEE

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