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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 1 August 2019

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is back to its “Welcome to Venice” scene. Maybe there were two days of it being clear. North Venice has not improved and there are two tent areas on South Venice Blvd, one with a barbecue close by.

City ran wires in the Farmers’ Market area cutting off the ground electricity that the homeless were using to charge scooters. Jim Murez, manager of Farmers’ Market, was concerned about trimming the trees for the wires. It looks like a temporary situation.

North Venice Blvd

The two wooden tents at the Westminster Senior Center were still there. There was another possible tent area on the south side of the park. Looked like there was one motor home and a van parked at the park.

The elementary school across the street had a couple of vans and whether there were live-ins in it or not was not known.

Hampton, south of Rose, is about the same. Hampton, north of Rose, is the same and is the poster child for taking care of the homeless and the streets.

A video was done of both sides of 3rd Ave.
East side of 3rd Ave.

West side of 3rd Ave.

Fourth Ave, south of Sunset, had fewer tenters. Fourth Ave, south of Rose, had two tenters. They had none last time.

Lincoln Blvd had fewer tenters. One tenter left and left a mess. Three guys who were there said they would clean it up after tonight. One spokesman said the people came back last night and took some stuff so they want to wait another night before removing it all.

Left to right: Josh, Jay and the Beast.

Had the opportunity to talk to three young men on Lincoln. While we were talking a car drove up and diver was looking to buy heron. The kids didn’t have any and weren’t into selling drugs, they said, so guy moved on. Beast, the spokesman for the three, told me he had several physical problems, such as epilepsy and neuropsy. He had been a gymnast at one time. Josh was from Iowa and Jay was from Texas. The Beast was from Hawaii but had lived in California before.

They first settled at the beach but living on the sand could cost them a $1200 dollar ticket so they moved off the sand and ended up on Lincoln, after moving from Ralph’s on Lincoln. They call the police “Baby Blue.”

People are continuing the individual camping. Staples on the Lincoln side looked like it had one or two tenters. Harding had stuff stowed next to the planters. Coeur d’Alene had stuff dropped off at the planter boxes. A guy is still camped out on Thatcher at the yard. Carter comes and goes with people hanging. Assume this is a drug contact point.

Comments (2)

  1. Bonehead Bonin

    Perhaps the city could generously provide transportation to ship the bums back where they came from? “Josh was from Iowa and Jay was from Texas. The Beast was from Hawaii but had lived in California before.” Nice how they’re concerned about a “$1,200 ticket” for “living on the sand”, even though the vagrants are rarely ticketed, and wouldn’t pay it even if they were.

    • john ryan

      You’ve got to be mistaken, Bonin says all the homeless are from Los Angeles, not out of towners and they’re on the street because they can’t afford their apartments anymore!!!

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