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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Resident, 81 Years Old, Attack by Homeless Man

(27 July 2019) Richard Spurlin, 81-year-old, long-time resident of Venice was attacked by a homeless man when walking to his home Saturday morning around 11 am. The incident occurred on 1100 block of Harrison Ave.

He asked the man, who had belongings spread across the sidewalk, to please move so he could get by on the sidewalk. Words were spoken and a fight ensued.

Police arrived and a report was taken. The homeless person had disappeared by that time. Spurlin was taken to the hospital.

“The attack left Richard with contusions and gashes on arms and head along with a split lip. He made it home to Van Buren with blood dripping from several body parts,” wrote his wife Diane Spurlin. “Very scary!!! Police came within 20 mins and we made a report but by then the guy had fled.

“Our son drove us to Kaiser Urgent care where wounds were cleaned and wrapped, stitches in lip and C.T. scan done on head. Also a base line hepatitis test taken and tetanus shot administered. He’s now on antibiotics and pain meds. Unfortunately no witnesses to this attack. He’s 81 years old for heaven’s sake. A sad state of affairs.”

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  1. Tyler durden

    Was it the same guy who man handled Swinger?!

  2. Tyler durden

    Probably the same person experiencing homelessness who went H.A.M. on Rick. Haha! 😂

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