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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 25 July 2019

The main news for this update is that Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is clear. There was a little “stuff” there Thursday but Friday that was gone too. The continuous eye-sore is gone!

Lincoln Blvd and 4th, south of Sunset, have both grown in tenters. Fourth, south of Rose, is clear. The others have remained about the same. In general things are better than a couple months ago. Many homeless are individual-camping.

Just to let the reader know that the homeless encampments for Venice have not ceased, videos of 3rd Ave have been added at the end of the story. The Encampment Update never has covered 3rd or Ocean area.

North Venice has become the home for the working van and car owners. Bikes and scooters are in the street parking area and the generator to charge them is hanging out in the street between vans. Then there is the ever present van that collects bottles. The other side of the street has a pile of “stuff.” There were two separate tenters on South Venice Blvd.

Jim Murez head of Farmer’ Market was told that they are going to string above-ground wires across the market area. Right now wires are underground but because of the homeless tapping the now underground electricity, they plan to run above-ground wires. The running of wires will cause the trees to be trimmed beyond beauty and health. Murez asked: “Why don’t they put a lock on the area where the homeless access the electricity?”

There were two campers on Main Street across from Westminster Senior Center Park — one was in a car and the other had his bags assembled at the curb.

Hampton Drive, both north and south of Rose, looked the same.

Fourth Ave, south of Sunset, is growing. Fourth, south of Rose, was clear.

Homeless were assembled on 7th Ave in the private property area for some unknown reason.

Lincoln Blvd has grown. There are eight to 10 tenters there.

There are many individuals throughout Venice, separate from encampments, on the sidewalks or wherever they find a place to crash. Usually they move on. Sometimes they collect others. Sometimes when they collect others, they move on.

The first video is the east side of 3rd and the second is the west side of 3rd. Third Ave is one block long, from Rose to Sunset.

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  1. Bad Idea Bonin

    Glad to see Bonin’s most loyal street-dwelling constituents are following ADA rules to the letter of the law. If a private, wages- and taxes-paying business blocked handicap access to sidewalks the way these bums do, there’d be hell to pay. Where is the ACLU when it comes to handicap rights? Or all the ocean advocacy groups overlooking the mountains of raw feces? They were screaming bloody murder and demanding DNA tests when Malibu’s septic tanks were found leaking, but have been deafening silent about the bums and the bum RVs pinching loafs all over the place.

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