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Fountain on 3rd Ave Continues to Spring Forth, Flowing with Stories

(All photos courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

(17 July 2019) The drinking fountain that appeared on 3rd Ave in Venice recently just does not stop flowing with stories.

First the fountain just appeared — in the heart of Venice’s Skid Row called 3rd Ave. Second trash gathered in front of it. Third and recent was a guy taking a “mini” bath. Most recent was a man cleaning his shaving equipment or shaving, Rick Swinger, resident and activist, doesn’t know which.

Rick Swinger also took a trip down 3rd with NBC reporter Angie Crouch Wednesday morning close to noon. He took pictures of the man with his mini bath the day before and the man shaving or cleaning his gear earlier in the morning. By the time for the walk with NBC, it had all been cleaned. It is rumored that Ms Crouch contacted the Mayor who called BID to clean up around the fountain.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    I was interviewed and my Photography and Video were published on NBC “Streets of Shame” bringing “Environmental Awareness” to the problems of 3rd Ave Pollution where I live. This guy just got finished taking a “Whore Bath” in that drinking fountain! Many Public Drinking Fountains are just a couple blocks a way at the beach. This is a publicity stunt from our Mayor that is not Humane as you would think for the water coming out might be ok to drink for a split second but the area around it can cause MRSA! When a person loses his arm or leg because of the flesh eating bacteria around this polluted street, will the small convenience the Mayor is providing be worth it? Did I mention 3rd has 100’s of Flea Infested Rat burrows too? A BID employee was bitten by a flea that day while NBC and I were filming this episode! More info on my site… https://www.facebook.com/illegalDumpingVeniceBeach2016/?ref=bookmarks

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