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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Motorhome (RV) Dump Stations are on the Way

(13 July 2019) Motorhome (RV) dump stations are coming to Venice!  LA Bureau of Sanitation comes to the rescue, according to Matt Fisher of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) board.

Many articles have been written about the sewage problem of motorhomes in Venice dumping in the city sewer inlets and on the streets.  The two closest dump stations are Dockweiler RV Park at 12001 Vista del Mar, Playa del Rey and Hyperion Plant at 9660 W. Imperial Hwy, Playa del Rey, Gate B. Dockweiler charges $10 per dump. Hyperion in free and is open M,W,F from 9 to 2 and T,T from 12 to 4.

The following is the letter received from Matt Fisher.

The city of Los Angeles has 10 trucks on order that will be emptying RV sewage/shower tanks. The expected delivery date is October but might happen sooner.

LA sanitation will hopefully be at the August VNC meeting with full details about that and our newest clean up processes.

I have also started a personal outreach effort to educate various vehicle dwellers on proper waste disposal and how to be a good neighbor. I am trying to put together a guide that would help explain the “rules of the road” from my years of experience, directed at newer vehicle dwellers. Outreach is a slow process alone, hopefully we will get a homeless committee soon and maybe we can get some help.

In this world, every little bit counts. Lots of other great things in the works, it’s been a very busy month!

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  1. Doron Tal

    instead service the junk motor home population the county and city need to have new rules that no Rv can park on any city streets more than 2 hours so visitors with motor home will be welcome to our city but the homeless population with all the junk that goes with them will be out of our city .the best solution will be to designate a parking lot
    ( maybe in the desert ) with water and dump station to accommodate this problem . the problem with the Rv parking in LA is not only the sewer problem , it is also they way it looks and the trash and junk that they leave were they park .

  2. I am a new motor home dweller thank you for your help about disposal of wast water
    Don A ☮️💕😎🇬🇧🎹

  3. Tiffany

    Dockweiler RV Park charges $15 to dump and to get water now.

    Water is unavailable at the Hyperion Treatment plant.

    I wish more people understood that the sewer drains on the streets go to the ocean not a sewage facility.

    Thank you for the information.

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