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Dr. Drew Talks of Rat Population, Bubonic Plague, No Housing Crisis, Drugs

(13 July 2019) Dr. Drew says the 1.5 percent of the rat population has Bubonic Plague and when it reaches 2 percent, it will transfer to people.

He also says the housing crisis is a hoax. The problem is health and addiction. All the drug addicts moved to California because drugs laws have been relaxed and no one gets hassled.

Rick Swinger, activist and environmentalist, follows Dr. Drew Pinsky and has shared this video.

Comments (2)

  1. Brian G

    If this had come from another news source I would have watched the whole thing. But the smart ass remarks from the commentators to make jokes instead of report hard news made me turn it off but the unprofessional Fox news approach has always had that effect on me. I.m betting it ended with everyone talking at once and getting nowhere. also a Fox news trait. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Darrel Jansen

    Wow this will only get worse and fast

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