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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

The Venice Place Development — One Block of Abbot Kinney — to be Heard 1 August

This is a rendering of the Venice Place presented in 2016.

(11 July 2019) The redevelopment of one block of Abbot Kinney across from Westminster Elementary School, called the Venice Place, will be heard by the zoning administrator 1 August, 10 am, West Los Angeles Municipal Building, 1645 South Corinth Avenue, Los Angeles.

The project was heard in 2016, rethought, and now is being re-presented. This is a joint project by Dan Abrams and Steve Edwards, of Wynkoop Properties, LLC. Architect is David Hertz.

The site currently contains 12,560 square feet of existing development comprised of three restaurants totaling 7,444 square feet, a 1,572 square-foot private school, 3,544 square feet of office space (of which 1,344 square feet will be retained), 2,963 square feet of existing outdoor landscaped area used as a retail nursery (the Sculpture Garden), and a 60-space surface parking lot.

The project proposes the demolition of one 2,442 square-foot restaurant, the existing private school, 2,200 square feet of office space, and the surface parking lot; and the construction, use, and maintenance of a 70,310 square-foot, mixed-use development (includes existing and new floor area).

The mixed-used development is comprised of two existing restaurants and a new 3,810 square-foot hotel restaurant having 2,514 square-feet of Service Floor area, a new Apartment Hotel with four dwelling units and 78 guest rooms, 2,935 square feet of ground floor retail space including a market with 170 square feet of Service Floor area, a 1,735 square-foot spa, and 2,027 square feet of office use.

The project will construct three (3) new three-story mixed-use buildings, each with a maximum of 30 feet in height, and one (1) new two-story building, approximately 25 feet in height; all new structures are connected by pedestrian bridges.

The project provides a total of 175 parking spaces, at grade and within three subterranean levels and will provide an on-street loading area on Broadway, limiting the use of the space for loading during the hours of 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday; a loading zone is also provided onsite.

The project also requires excavation, grading, and approval of a haul route for the export of approximately 24,591.65 cubic yards of dirt.

1. The Zoning Administrator shall consider the information contained in the Environmental Impact Report prepared for this project, which includes the Draft EIR, No. ENV-2016-4321-EIR (SCH No. 2016061033) dated, January 10, 2019, and the Final EIR, dated July 3, 2019 (Venice Place Project EIR), as well as the whole of the administrative record.

2. Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 12.24-W,1, a Conditional Use Permit authorizing: (a) the sale and dispensing of a full line of alcohol beverages for on-site consumption in conjunction with a proposed hotel restaurant having 195 indoor seats and 65 outdoor seats, operating 24 hours and serving alcohol between the hours of 7 am to 1 am, (b) the sale and dispensing of a full line of alcohol beverages for on-site and offsite consumption in conjunction with a market within the hotel, operating between the hours of 7 am to 1 am (c) a full line of alcohol beverages provided in individual hotel room’s liquor cabinets, (d) the sale of a full line of alcohol beverages by hotel guest room services, (e) and the on-site consumption of alcohol in the hotel lobby, outdoor courtyard, hotel lounge areas, and hotel business center.

3. Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 12.24-W,24, a Conditional Use Permit to allow an Apartment Hotel located within 500 feet of a Residential Zone.

4. Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 12.20.2, a Coastal Development Permit for the Proposed Project in the Single Permit Jurisdiction of the California Coastal Zone.

5. Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 16.05-C,1(b), a Site Plan Review for the construction of a mixed use project comprised of more than 50 guest rooms.

6. Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 11.5.7, a Project Permit Compliance Review for a project within the North Venice Subarea of the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan.

7. Pursuant to Sections 65590 and 65590.1 of the California Government Code, a Mello Act Compliance review for a project located within the Coastal Zone.

8. Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 12.37-I,3, a Waiver of Dedication and/or Improvements to provide a 4.5-foot dedication on Electric Avenue in lieu of the 7.5 feet otherwise required and to provide a 2-foot dedication on Westminster Avenue in lieu of the 5 feet otherwise required.

All comments should be sent to Juliet Oh, City Planner, 200 North Spring Street, RM 721, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Email: juliet.oh@lacity.org; (213) 978-1186. All correspondence should reference ZA-2012-3354-CUB-CU-CDP-MEL-WDISPP-SPR and ENV-2016-4321-EIR (SCH No. 2016061033).

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