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Dennison Shows Residents Concept Drawings of the Reese-Davidson Affordable/PSH Housing Project

(11 July 2019) Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing (VCH), shows the concept drawings that they have decided represent the input from the neighborhood for the project they plan to construct between North and South Venice Blvd, between Pacific and Dell Ave.  Dennison asked for more input.

Formerly called the Venice Median, the Reese-Davidson Community project will consist of 136 residences for affordable/psh housing and four residences for property management staff. The project will have 395 parking spaces, 188 of which will replace the present 188 spaces available on the lot. The two buildings will range in height from two to three stories and will have the parking inside the units that will form the perimeter of the project.

The project will also have 3100 square feet of community arts space, community serving retail, rooms for tenant and public use.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    This person does not live in Venice. This person is a not-for-profit bureaucrat that lies at public meetings to protect her cottage industry tactics that do nothing to solve homelessness at any level. She is determined to build slums and create ghettos in Venice and is determined not to house anyone, but simply accumulate tax dollars for her failed and flawed housing schemes that do not work. She is a detriment to the cause of the unhoused and Mike Bomim political pawn.

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