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Venice Vanlord Makes the News

(7 July 2019) Venice Update has had many a story about the motorhomes and dumping but what has not been exposed before is the use of vans for the homeless, for the rentals for visitors.

Gary Gallerie has 14 vans, some unmovable, that he rents to the homeless and possibly a Venice visitor. One was moved with a homeless person’s belongings inside. It has long been known that there is a market for motorhome rentals but this is the first story exposed about van rentals.

It is illegal to sleep in a vehicle in designated residential streets in Venice Beach. Neighbors said along with taking up limited parking spaces, some van dwellers toss sewage and trash on public sidewalks. These vans do not have bathrooms.

Santa Monica Daily Press broke the story.

NBC news later picked it up.


Vanlord parks homeless crisis in residential neighborhoods

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  1. […] According to Venice Update, Gary Gallerie has 14 vans in Venice. […]

  2. I love to sue the city

    All residents and lanlords need to file a class action lawsuit against the Los Angeles Housing authority for 1 billion dollars in damages.

  3. Sea

    It is illegal to collect money for a residence without a certificate of occupancy, also,
    landlord must provide heat and bathroom facilities…
    so simple to combat this, if only we had the politicians representing us,
    Bonin, Garcetti….grow a pair, be fiscally responsible, and quit approving massive redevelopment in DTLA taking away low income units replacing them with market rate (expansive) units,
    I remember in the 90s there was 1000s of places for very low income people, now we have staples center, Disney hall, countless hotels and expensive apartments and condos, and they wonder why there’s more homeless

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