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Heron Pictures Story of Trash and Rats on 3rd

(All photos are courtesy of Rick Swinger.)
(8 July 2019) A rare black crowned night heron was seen on 3rd Ave, foraging for food, and captured on photo by Rick Swinger at 7 am Monday morning.

Swinger has tried to bring public awareness to the area because of its trash that attracts rats and rats have fleas that cause typhus etc. The bird’s appearance is the 1000-word statement. Swinger said “3rd is the habitat made for the heron”– trash and rodents.

One 3rd Ave resident said he has seen the bird before and he has seen him with a mouse or small rat in his mouth. Swinger offered the resident money if he could take a picture of the bird with a mouse or rat in his mouth. Swinger, who is a bird watcher as well as an activist on 3rd, had the bird identified by another more capable bird watcher.

Collage of photos showing various rat holes on 3rd Ave.

According to the Audubon Society  “Diet quite variable; mostly fish, but also squid, crustaceans, aquatic insects, frogs, snakes, clams, mussels, rodents, carrion. Sometimes specializes on eggs and young birds, and can cause problems in tern colonies.

“Usually forages by standing still or walking slowly at edge of shallow water. May perch above water on pilings, stumps, small boats. Forages mostly from late evening through the night, but also by day during breeding season or in unusual weather.”

Note bird standing on chair.  Is bird waiting for catch.

Comments (2)

  1. Bonehead Bonin

    The bird’s no dummy, it knows all the tasty rodents frolic among the bum encampments.

  2. Rick Swinger

    This Black Crowned Night Heron in 3rd St. encampment is what a Canary is in a Coal Mine. An environmental warning!

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