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Thief Takes 10-Year-Old’s Bike and Skateboard

What kind of person would steal a 10 year olds’ bike a neighborhood is asking as well as the family, not to mention the children. Each day the notes on the fence grow asking for the return of the bike and skateboard.

One night or morning a guy opened a five foot gate, traversed a driveway, went into the open carport next to the family’s front door and removed Jake’s bike and skateboard.

The thief did leave a beer bottle with fingerprints on it.

Jake has written several notes to have the thief return his bike and skateboard. So far no response.

Even his younger sister Sloane has gotten into the act.

The whole family feels violated particularly the kids. The kids just do not understand it. They cannot figure out why a person would steel from a kid.

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  1. Carol Reynes

    This makes me ill and I so hope you get your bike and skateboard back. I see kids bikes being dismantled at encampments all the time and I just want to scream…oh wait, I have done that. That said, I’m certain it wasn’t one of “our” unhoused “neighbors”. All of them are from here and are unhoused because their rents increased.

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