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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

New System for Homeless Camp Cleanups Approved by City Council Members

City Council members have agreed to overhaul the now existent system for cleaning up the encampment sites. The details are not clear at present but the system will change as follows:

1) The Bureau of Sanitation will assign crews to certain sites and keep them assigned to that site so all encampment members can become accustomed to the Sanitation crew members.

2) Sites will be more “scheduled” than occasioned by complaints.

3) Police will be present to protect the Bureau of Sanitation crew members. (This is under further review as prompted by groups such as Services Not Sweeps and LA Community Action Group.

4) More trash bins or cans will be available.

5) Mobile restrooms.

6) Sanitation must stop illegal dumping. Illegal dumping, it is claimed, amounts to 80 percent of the trash picked up. The City initiated a single provider garbage system that is considerably more costly than the previous system and it has been said that businesses are dumping their garbage at homeless sites.

Rick Swinger has reported and photographed many (crates) of food (old, throwaway) items dumped on 3rd Ave site and Ocean Front Walk. Many feel this is a humanitarian endeavor but it is not. Also 3rd Ave is next to Public Storage so many people put unwanted items on the street for pickup. Once this writer was talking with a couple on 3rd, left to talk with others, came back to original couple and found a roll of carpet next to them. Asked the couple how carpet got there and the couple replied that a guy in a truck stoped and dumped it.

Rick Swinger has mentioned that the abandonment of furniture of 3rd could be eliminated by Public Storage if they would put a bin for unwanted items on their property. But storage would not want to do that because what was precious and stored, becomes junk in six months. So Public Storage would have to pay for having to have the stuff picked up, Same price others who are dumping refuse to pay.

LA Times article.

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  1. Sign the recall on Garcetti

    This is a big joke on the residents of Venice. Sigh the recall on Garcetti

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