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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Scooter Sizzles as it Hits Canal Water

Photo provided by DuFay or Nextdoor.

(28 June 2019)Scooter sizzles as it hits the canal waterway.

Darryl DuFay, who reports for the Venice Update, lives in the canals and said this was the 13th e-scooter thrown into the canals. Scooters with their batteries mixing with the salt water become toxic.

Nextdoor watcher said that two scooters were smoking under water and releasing toxins in the canals at the South Venice Blvd bridge.

“Bird and other providers have assured us that a ‘geo fence’ was broadcast around the Canals to prevent scooters riding into and on our canal sidewalks,” according to DuFay. “It is illegal to ride on any sidewalk. Possibly the ‘geo fence’ boundary needs to be expanded.”

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