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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

LAPD to Continue Protecting Sanitation Workers During Homeless Cleanups

Note: A new program for cleaning the encampments was agreed to by City Council members Friday and reported by the LA Times.

“Services not Sweeps” lost their battle to eliminate LAPD during Bureau of Sanitation cleanups this week.

Services not Sweeps felt the presence of the LAPD was unnecessary but Bureau of Sanitation felt it was necessary to protect their workers during cleanups throughout the City.

L.A. Sanitation Bureau chief Enrique C. Zaldivar at a city council meeting revealed that the police would still be a part of the LA homeless camp cleanups. The LA Times reported that “Under the city’s new system the LAPD’s role would be to protect city sanitation workers and outreach workers from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority — the latter of whom are the first point of contact with homeless people for cleanups.”

LA Times article.

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