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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

It is Illegal to Ride or Park Scooters on Walk Streets! Sidewalks!

It is illegal to ride or park a scooter, dockless e-bike, or minicycle on the sidewalks, including the walk streets throughout Venice and the narrow sidewalks in the canals. Report such to Department of Transportation via MyLA311 app.

Many have been found abandoned in the Venice Canals area and dumped in the water. Venetians are trying to get the companies to provide gps boundaries for the scooters that would eliminate scooters from entering the canal area at all. Scooters have a battery which when under water contaminates the canal waterways.

Reporting violations will help implement signage, public awareness, and effect enforcement.

If one feels it necessary to go directly to the company to discuss the issue, Jim Murez of the Venice Neighborhood Council Parking and Transportation Committee has put together a list of the companies and their contacts.

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  1. Jason h

    Too late…the scooter virus already ruined Venice/Ocean Park…

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