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HSO Starts 1 July; Will Ordinance Control the AirBnB?

(28 July 2019) Will the new Home Sharing Ordnance (HSO) control AirBnB and all its counterparts and let neighbors rest in peace in their homes? The wild AirBnB ruckus that has taken Venice by storm in the last few years may be short lived as of 1 July when regulations go into effect.

The Home Sharing Ordinance (HSO), as it has been labeled, will go into effect Monday. HSO has established the implementation and the enforcement guidelines.

The registration portal will be at https://planning.lacity.org. The following are some of the guidelines:

• The property to be rented must be the host’s primary residence, where they live for more than six months out of the year.
• You can only have 1 primary residence — if you live in two places, only one can be considered a “primary residence” and hosted for home-sharing/short-term rentals.
• Only 1 primary resident (host) is allowed per apartment unit or single family home.
• Hosts will have 120 days to complete the registration process at which time the City will begin enforcement.
• Rent stabilized primary residences are prohibited from Home-Sharing, including those with temporary exemptions such as for owner-occupancy.
• The residence must not be subject to the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO), which applies to most non-single-family rental units constructed before 1978, or any other affordability provisions such as an affordable housing covenant.

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  1. I love a good joke

    LOL LOL LOL The city gets the middle finger the same from the encampments

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