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Do motor homes use the storm drains to dump?

Do motor home owners dump their sewers into the curbside storm drains? Yes, they do. Some will pull up, whip out the sewer hose and dump. Some can pull up next to the drain and not use the sewer hose. Others will use a bucket and transport waste to the drain.

See this Venice Update article on the method for trickle dumping and the two available dump sites that are the closest.

If you have a motor home near you and you have seen him dumping, you can use the MyLA311 app and you can contact the Bureau of Sanitation.

Comments (2)

  1. Rick Swinger

    2019 6/28 9AM 3rd When these social service folks descend on 3rd that are not from this neighborhood they are unaware of the environment that we live in.These actions look good especially when they hire their own PR video and still photographers but in reality they promote their own businesses at the same time and increase sidewalk camping in an area that has a dangerous rodent infestation. These showers will not reduce the rodent populations and only attract more folks to area that is a breeding ground for Norway Rats that the County Health Dept Vector Management has warn us about! These filthy sidewalks should be off limits to unregulated tenting for this is a health hazard zone. Nobody should allow camping on and around these rodent burrows for its a health hazard to the whole neighborhood and beyond! As Dr. Drew warns the plague is coming! https://imgur.com/a/W5eBZEj

  2. Bonehead Bonin

    Of course not, our “homeless RV neighbors” are law-abiding citizens who pay to deposit their feces in appropriate locations, as do our “homeless neighbors” who just happen to be “experiencing homelessness.” We don’t have a homeless crisis, we have a compassion crisis! Mike Bonehead Bonin

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