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Two Bills Strip Cities of Their Power over Developers

By Preserve LA

(24 June 2019) Every neighborhood in Los Angeles is threatened by two game-changing developer bills now moving quickly through the legislature in Sacramento. We are asking that you write separate opposition emails against both:

SB 330, authored by state Sen. Scott Wiener’s leading Bay Area ally, Nancy Skinner.

Scott Weiner’s “gut and amend” – an ugly surprise bill few people know of, SB 592.
We at Coalition to Preserve LA have just returned from Sacramento, where statewide allies from north and south met with a dozen legislative offices. You can read about our trip here.

Please share the below info IMMEDIATELY with your friends and neighbors. We urge YOU TODAY and TOMORROW to send opposition emails against these 2 bills, both of which strip cities of their planning powers and silence you, handing the power to for-profit developers. All areas are at risk.

SB 592 and SB 330 will be heard in committee July 3 and July 10, respectively. The address to send emails opposing these outrageous developer-takeover bills are below.

L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz strongly opposes Nancy Skinner’s SB 330 because it cripples the power cities have over developers. He asked for a report from City Planning, but SB 330 is moving faster through the legislature than City Hall is moving.

SB 330 kills many hearings on megaprojects and spot zoning, by allowing cities a TOTAL of just 5 public hearings, workshops, or continuances on controversial projects, a bizarre rule to cripple public testimony.

SB 330 invites developers to sue a city for $10,000 per unit if an outsized luxury project is rejected by a city.

Developers are free to invade residential areas with a freakish form of “mixed use” allowing restaurants, bars and businesses atop apartments on entirely residential streets.

Land-use/CEQA attorney Jamie Hall says “Neighborhood Council Land Use Committees will be undermined by SB 330, and the input of all residents and others affected by a project will be disenfranchised.”

Wiener’s other bill, SB 592, a sneaky last-minute “gut and amend” that until a few days ago was a bill about cosmetology, uses a different route to strip cities of power over developers:

Allows developers to override a city rejection by letting the developer argue that being asked to reduce the project’s size or density isn’t “economically viable” for them.

Imposes illegal Silicon Valley practices statewide: huge dormitory-style projects will be allowed in single-family and all residential areas of L.A.

Please write TWICE to the legislative “portal” below. You will write 2 separate letters to the “portal” — one, opposing SB 592 & the other, opposing SB 330. Feel free to use our language or your own words. https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/

Comments (2)

  1. K.S. Bryan

    I oppose SB 330 as an unacceptable and ill-advised “top down” approach to land use that favors big developers over taxpayers and residents. We want LOCAL land use control, not one-size-fits-all commands from Sacramento.

  2. K. S. Bryan

    I strongly oppose SB 592 on both content and procedure. This bill greatly favors big developers over residents and taxpayers whose lives will be affected by it. It was introduced in an underhanded way, and it goes much further to erode local land use control than it first appears. My husband and I have lived in California for decades, and we are stunned at what is now going on in our state legislature. Scott Wiener has sold out to the big developers. We don’t want his kind of “solution” to housing, and we will fight to get this bill defeated one way or the other. SB 592 and any bills like it are completely unacceptable.

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