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RV Towing Bill is Up for Revision

(24 June 2019) AB516 the RV Towing Bill, as amended, will allow a person in an RV to remain on the street after five citations plus 10 days. He will be towed but the vehicle will not be subject to a lien sale to pay for the towing. Please check AB516. Info received is confusing.

One immediately asks: What tow company will be obligated to tow a vehicle and store it indefinitely?

The bill would also delete the authority of a police officer and public employee to remove an immobilized vehicle …

One asks: Whose authority will it be to remove the RV?

AB516 RV Towing Bill has passed the Senate and the Assembly. It will be voted on in the Senate Transportation Committee 25 June. It will then be sent in a week or two after that to the Senate Public Safety Committee, whose members:

Senator Nancy Skinner (Chair)
Senator John M. W. Moorlach (Vice Chair)
Senator Steven Bradford
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
Senator Holly J. Mitchell
Senator Mike Morrell
Senator Scott D. Wiener

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