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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice has 49% of CD11 Unsheltered; Count Shows Drop in Sheltered and Increase in Unsheltered

By Darryl DuFay

(23 June 2019) This is about the latest Homeless Street Count for Venice and Council District 11. Venice is one of ten CD11 communities.  The Homeless Count number consists of Sheltered and Unsheltered homeless.  The numbers should be shown separately.

The 2019 Count showed a DROP in sheltered and INCREASE in unsheltered homelessness.  The resulting percentages are startling especially for Venice

                       Sheltered              Unsheltered   
2018                             121                          854
2019                              10                       1,091
                A decrease of  92%         An increase of 22%
CD 11
2018                     141                            1,900
2019                      60                            2,224
               A decrease of 42%         An increase of 15%

IMPACT on Venice
Venice has 49 percent of the UNSHELTERED Homeless in all the ten communities of CD11.

Here is a tally of Venice’s Unsheltered Persons and their locations:

1.  The LAHSA Count numbers only tabulated three types of Shelters: Emergency Shelters, Transitional Housing, and Safe Havens.  They are supposed to physically visit these locations.

2. What is missing in the Annual Count homeless summary is the existing and planned concentration and impact of City of LA “HHH” homeless projects including “Bridge Housing,” and private investment homeless housing.

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