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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 21 June 2019

The good news is that the encampment at Coeur d’Alene is gone but it looks like the inhabitants are looking and squatting in the Naples alley and Harding at the planters.  Time will tell how that resolves.  The encampment was totally non compliant and just east of the elementary school.


At Harding, talked with George and Darryl  who both said they were on Harding temporarily.  They didn’t know where they were headed.  George was from Washington state.  Gave them the phone number for SHARE!.

Another piece of good news is that Kenny, his wife and dog Joey, are gone from the Lincoln encampment. They supposedly have a motel room.

The bad news is that it looks like a gang-type group has formed on Andalusia at Abbot Kinney. A neighbor, Ben, says they sleep there so it is an encampment but it looks and sounds like a gathering of thugs. Ben says they take over the alley at night too. It was reported last week, but when observed, three were sitting and non combative. Friday all were moving and combative and there were six to seven young men there with their dogs. Saturday there were gals there with the guys and it looked closer to 10 individuals. They were trying to keep the sidewalk passable but it was loud and intimidating. They have been reported to the police.

Ocean Ave between North and South Venice Blvd is the same. There was a row of vans on North Venice Blvd with people stowing stuff in between.

The not so good news is that areas parallel with 3rd, such as Hampton and 4th, are slowly growing and that is probably caused by people unsatisfied with 3rd trying other places. Hampton, south of Rose, is growing on both sides of the road. Hampton, north of Rose, is still the poster child.  Fourth is growing south of Rose and extending to south of Sunset. Neither parts of 4th are as concentrated or as noncompliant as Hampton.

Lincoln is smaller without Kenny and his family.

Westminster Senior Center park definitely has two encampments and that doesn’t count the two guys with the wooden tents.

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  1. Sea

    The guy on Ocean, between Venice north and south just won’t go away, I know of at least 2 times of his arrest for trespassing, yet he continues to return, he is very combative and belligerent, he believes that it is his right to that spot, he refuses help and or shelter, his presence draws more to the area

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