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Councilmembers Propose Penalty for Vacant Housing Units in LA

LOS ANGELES – In a bold step to confront one of the root causes of the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, City Councilmembers Mike Bonin, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Paul Koretz and David Ryu today called for the city to begin penalizing landlords who keep habitable housing units empty while tens of thousands of Angelenos are forced to live on the streets because of the high cost of housing.

Legislation proposed at today’s council meeting instructs the Housing and Community Investment Department to work with the City Attorney to report to the council with options for creating a charge for landlords who keep housing units empty. In other jurisdictions where similar efforts have been implemented, not only have vacancy rates declined, but millions of dollars have been generated by the charges to help create new affordable housing.

“No bed in this city should be empty when people are being forced to sleep on pavement,” Bonin said. “Empty home penalties encourage landlords to keep people housed, and they help raise needed funds to create more affordable housing. This is an important tool for addressing one of the root causes of homelessness in LA, and it is a step we desperately need to take.”

“Working class Angelenos are struggling to make ends meet and keep a roof over their heads.” said Councilmember Marqueece Harris Dawson “With the latest homeless count numbers, we have to work harder to find as many solutions as possible to open up more housing units as well as funding for them.”

An estimated 111,810 housing units in the City of Los Angeles are vacant, according to Census data, and with the 2019 LAHSA Homeless Count showing an increase in homelessness despite housing more people than ever before, it is clear that the housing crisis and homelessness crisis are inexorably linked. Vacancy penalties already exist in cities like Oakland, Washington DC, and Vancouver, B.C., and voters San Francisco are likely to soon consider a similar measure.

Comments (5)

  1. Trump Man

    Venice needs a man like Trump to clean up the filth.

  2. Recall Garcetti and Bonin movement

    Remember to sign the Garcetti recall petition at change.org

  3. westside concerned

    This is total socialism. This is creeping closer to just taking apartments from property owners and handed them to the homeless (you know because they somehow “earned” it by sleeping on the streets).

    This is the extortion that Carol Sobel, Bonin and social services mafia have been working on for last 5 years. Give the homeless FREE apartments or else they’ll camp in front of your community and wreak havoc on your life with feces and needles. And your children, forget about them, Bonin doesn’t care. That’s why he move from Venice to Mar Vista with his kid.

  4. Sign the Recall for Garcetti

    Bonin and the rest of the city council need to be recalled alongside of Garcetti

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