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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

2019 Homeless Count Shows Venice Up 13 Percent; CD11 Up 12 Percent; Shows Venice Has Almost 50 Percent of CD11 Homeless

2019 LAHSA Homeless Count for Venice

(20 June 2019) The LAHSA (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority) 2019 homeless count for Venice is 1101, an increase of 13 percent; homeless count for CD11 is 2284, an increase of  12 percent.  Further comparison of the figures shows that Venice has almost 50 percent of the CD11 homeless.

The 2018 homeless count for Venice was 975 and the 2018 homeless count for CD11 was 2041.

There is a discrepancy in the individual count of communities which comes to 2102 in comparison with CD11 which shows 2284, a difference of 182.

As figures change or information becomes clearer, this story gets changed.

There is also a discrepancy for 2018.  There are 30 more in the individual count than in the total provided. Once again these figures are subject to change.

These are the communities that comprised CD11 in 2018 with their numbers and the coinciding numbers for 2019.  First column is 2018 and second column is 2019.

Pacific Palisades           108             82

Mar Vista                       134            159

Del Rey                           211            107

Brentwood                      60              19

West LA /Sawlelle       178           262

Westchester/Playa      334           308
del Rey

Marina del Rey               10              12

Venice                            975          1101

Playa Vista                      61              52

Comments (6)

  1. The Argonaut is reporting an increase of 29%, based on data they got from LAHSA. According to their figures, the count was 852 in 2018, which increased to 1101 this year. I think Venice Update has it right. I included a link to LAHSA’s official count.

    • reta

      The count for 2018 is 121 sheltered, 854 unsheltered and total of 975 combined. See https://veniceupdate.com/page/2/?s=2018+homeless+count The figure given so far for 2019 is 1102 without a breakdown as shown in this story’s photo. One assumes when the word total is used that it includes sheltered and unsheltered. Argonaut is comparing the unsheltered of 2018 with the total for 2019 of 1102 to get 29 percent– apples and oranges. Perhaps, the 1102 figure will become sheltered but right now it says total. Also I have seen the sheltered figure of 852 but that is not the figure I was given (see story). You can see from above story, the discrepancies in the figures. Some of these will change. It is wild!

  2. john Ryan

    Given that Venice has about 16000 adults and 1000 campers then 1 in 16 adults in Venice are bums, Staggering reality.

  3. reta

    The WLA/Sawtelle has been checked by tracts individually. Playa Vista has been added. Don’t know about Ladera. You used unsheltered/sheltered for Venice comparison. 2018 Venice was 975, not 852. All the figures here include both sheltered and unsheltered, since they are both homeless. That is consistent for all years reported in Update.
    Where did you get your figures for the out of state, out of country bar chart?

  4. Jerome


    Much of West LA is in Koretz’s district, not Bonin’s. You have to get the census tracts specifically within Bonin’s district to get an accurate count for this. Once you net out Koretz’s share, the numbers for West LA (Bonin) are:

    2018 2019
    149 155

    Also, Playa del Rey (and the airport district) are considered part of Westchester in the interactive analysis from LAHSA.

    Lastly, the 1,101 count for Venice (and the other communities) in 2019 does not always include the sheltered population. You may have noticed that the interactive system produces a number of 852 for Venice in 2018, which is essentially equivalent to the 854 unsheltered count in the static data summary, rather than the 975 number for the total.

    If you use the methodology from the interactive system for both 2018 and 2019, considering there are no static summaries available for any communities other than Venice for 2018 or 2019, the numbers for 2018 and 2019 are like this:

    2018 2019 Change %Change
    Venice 852 1,101 +249 +29%
    Rest CD11 901 782 -119 -15%

    (***excludes sheltered counts)

    Clearly, LA is employing a Westside Venice homeless containment policy, or how else can you explain a nearly 30% gain in Venice and a 15% decrease elsewhere in CD11.

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