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Galperin to Audit Measure HHH Funds

(18 June 2019) City Controller Ron Galperin is in the process of conducting an audit of Measure HHH funds which is to be released sometime this year.

“It has been two-and-a-half years since L.A. voters approved Measure HHH to spend $1.2 billion to create 10,000 supportive housing units,” Galperin said in a press release last week. “While nobody expected these units to be built overnight, at this moment not one HHH project has been completed. And the average total development cost per unit is nearly $520,000.”

Daily News article.

The City Controller serves as the City’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for ensuring that the assets of the City are properly accounted for and expended in a manner consistent with applicable laws, policies, plans and procedures.





Comments (4)

  1. Jerome

    Elections are not for nearly another two years. That’s far too long to wait for what’s unlikely to be a drastic change in leadership ideology anyway.

  2. Nicholas Antonicello

    The City Controller is correct. It is his responsibility to ensure these funds are spent wisely, justly and in the best interest of the homeless they were appropriated to assist.
    How is it that not a single unit has been constructed after two years?
    Not one?
    This is just another example of the unaccountable fashion these funds are being expended and the fact this audit is well overdue!
    How anyone can support the likes of Garcetti or Bonin when they can’t successfully build a single unit goes to the rank incompetence of the City to do anything while we step over the homeless and scooters that have taken over the sidewalks and the streets of Los Angeles.
    The problem is now an epidemic that has spread like a plague and still Bonin and Garcetti have no answers, just excuses.
    It is now criminal and the Controller should be seeking some answers because this is now unacceptable.

    • Miller Brody

      There is a remedy for situations like this. They are called elections.

      • Jerome

        Elections are not for nearly another two years. That’s far too long to wait for a remedy via an unlikely to be drastic change in leadership ideology.

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