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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Assemblymember Burke Writes Letter to CCC Offending Venetians

(19 June 2029) Assemblymember Autumn R. Burke wrote a letter in support of the permanent supportive housing at 718 – 720 Rose Avenue to the California Coastal Commission and used some phrases that do not describe Venice.

Many Venetians question her knowledge of Venice as a result of this letter.  A concerned citizen brought it to the attention of the Venice Update.

Venice ethnic diversity should stand without question.  The affordable, supportive housing for the area has been proven to be overwhelmingly top heavy in Venice in comparison with other cities or communities within CD11 and those figures stand before adding the number of new affordable units proposed for Venice, such as the project she is praising.  And furthermore Venice homeless numbers bow only to Skid Row and Hollywood.

Assemblymember Autumn Burke”s letter.  burke



Comments (6)

  1. Lee

    The clueless anti-vaxxer fails again. I sincerely believe this woman does not have a brain.

  2. Sam I. Am

    Well in Alix Gucovsky we have the queen of the NIMBYs now running LUPC and is opposed to any and all solutions being thrown at the homeless problem. What an awful and vile person. The next VNC election can’t come soon enough.

    • Rick swinger

      Go eat your green eggs and ham Sam !

    • Jerome

      Perhaps if the social services crowd actually gave a shit about taxpayers in Venice who ultimately fund their entire existence, they would’ve won more seats on the VNC? Fait accompli. They no longer represent the community’s best interests.

  3. Miller Brody

    I think she described current Venice very nicely. Anybody who has a problem with any of the wording of this letter is either incredibly ignorant about what is going on around here or part of the upper class that’s she’s calling out and in denial.

    • Abbott's Folly

      Agreed. Letter accurately describes current Venice situation…as money pours in, economic and cultural diversity…the backbone of what the realtors call “the Venice vibe”, is literally kicked to the curb. Supportive housing is needed here more than ever.

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