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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Share A Meal Comes to 3rd on Thursdays

(14 June 2019) Share a Meal, compliments of Ravi and Jackie who live in West Los Angeles, arrives every Thursday on 3rd about 6 pm to provide a dinner snack for the homeless. They go to Ocean Front Walk after they finish on 3rd.

Bill, who lives east of Venice, said the truck spends two days in Skid Row, a day in Hollywood and one in Venice. In addition they hand out items manufacturers have given them, such as a package of socks.

Many of the people standing around are interns from UCLA working on community service credits.

Angel, the puppy, came to show all how she rides the skateboard.

Comments (11)

  1. Bonehead Bonin

    Why can’t “Ravi and Jackie who live in West Los Angeles” park their bum feeder in front of their own house in West LA instead of drawing yet more scab-infested bums to Venice?

  2. Rick Swinger

    Miller Not if they are camping next to rat burrows with no rat proof trash cans like they are on 3rd, 4th and Hampton! You need to take a Biology and History class to understand the dangers in allowing the Rodent populations to exploded next to these sidewalk campsites! Honestly it’s folks like you that are taking us back to medieval times where we are seeing diseases we haven’t seen here in Los Angeles for centuries! If it gets any worst here I will be the one moving back to Lancaster!

    • Miller Brody

      All of the rain we had earlier this year is why we have so many rats you nitwit. But keep on fear mongering and blaming the homeless, you moron.

      • Rick Swinger

        Miller Do us all a favor and take a Biology class. These rodents multiply year round and with all the food waist you see on 3rd it’s no wonder there is so many around these dirty, filthy encampments.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Wow these far left wing boobs sure need to read more closely. I advocated for a better place than 3rd to feed folks. Yes it’s a negative when you increase the rat population in the area where folks pitch their tents you idiots!

    • Miller Brody

      And that “better place” to hand out those burritos would be Palmdale or Lancaster. Right, Rick ?

  4. Rick Swinger

    Tom the only thing that’s more insane than pitching your tent by these numerous Rat burrows on 3rd is feeding them your leftovers!

  5. Rick Swinger

    Tom your ignorance is showing. I’m not against feeding the homeless but it has to be done in the right way using the social services that are already here in Venice. Dumping food on the ground will more than likely serve up dysentery or worst Hepatitis A like it did in San Diego. Also all this leftover food ends up feeding the rats for Mike Bonin would rather spend $6000.00 per can next to his house and give Venice the cheap wire rat feeder type of trash can.

  6. Tom

    Leave it to Swinger to find a negative in such a situation as the homeless getting fed.be careful Rick your hate for the homeless and lack of empathy is showing 😉

    • Miller Brody

      Yep. It’s always the people who have their own kitchens and money to buy food that try to stop groups that are trying to feed people without kitchens and the money to buy food.

  7. Rick Swinger

    It would be much better if share a meal would use another location that has restrooms so folks can wash their hands before eating and a place that has rat proof trash cans so their food waste doesn’t feed the rat infestation that is occurring on 3rd next to their tents.

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