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Encampment Update — 14 June 2019

(14 June 2019) The bad news is that Hampton, both north and south of Rose, are growing. Fourth between Sunset and Rose seems to consistently have tenters now. Fourth south of Sunset has the one tenter who is messy and not compliant. Tenters use to be confined to 3rd but now 4th is getting them too. There was a tenter spotted in the 91 Freeway median which is a great fire hazard.

The good news is that the lady at the post office, of many months ago, has a place to stay thanks to Brian Ulf, Chair of SHARE. Brian was notified months ago regarding the post office lady but it was only recently that Brian mentioned he had found her a place way back when.

Other than the good and the bad, new encampments seem to come and go quickly lately. There were about six tenters on Lincoln near Washington one night, but the next day, they were gone. Carter, near Lincoln and Washington, had about four to six tenters during the week but then they were gone. Thatcher had one tenter for about three days but then he left; he was on private property.

Individual tenters pop up here and there.  One will see them at a bus stop, in a doorway, or suddenly on the sidewalk.  They seem to come and quickly go.  Occasionally, they stay and attract until it becomes an encampment.

In general, things are so much more under control than they were.  Staples is gone as is Venice Way, 7th Ave, Penmar Park, the Thai restaurant alley.  These were tragedies.  Individuals, neighborhoods worked together to stop these encampments.  The remaining encampments are so much more under control.  There is less trash for one thing.  Exceptions are 3rd and OFW,  which are not covered in the encampment update.

Ocean between North and South Venice Blvd continues to be a violation. There were four individual tenters there Friday. It is most discouraging because it seems to be almost gone and then there it is all over again. North Venice seems to be clear.

Westminster Senior Center Park hasn’t changed much since last week. One area near the entrance looked like it might have a few tenters. The two fellows in the wooden tent were still there.

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, is growing on both sides of the street. Thursday they were all over the street but Friday they looked like they were close to compliance.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose, is still the master plan for the community working with the homeless. Paul who has a business there on the west side of the street said they have a cleaning crew that comes and power washes the sidewalk and then they have a crew on alternate days that sanitizes the sidewalk. Besides that they have Dave who is kind and considerate to all homeless. He makes sure they do what they are suppose to do in the morning. Another man cleans the sidewalk of debris. Dave comes back in the late afternoon to make sure all is well and escorts women to their cars if necessary. They have recently had a rough group move in. Dave works a split shift. Paul who has a business there told the owner what was happening and the owner took care of the cleaning of the sidewalk and hired Dave for “security ” or perhaps, the term should be “ambassador.” All has worked well for homeless and the employees since the owner took the steps to clean the sidewalk and to provide security.

4th Ave, south of Sunset, has one tenter and he makes the place non compliant and makes a mess.

4th Ave, north of Sunset and south of Rose and in parallel with 3rd Ave, is growing. Most of the tenters are close to the opening for public storage and others are at the other end of the block. This part of 4th has been growing each week. They do not have to move for cleaning each week so many prefer that.

Kenny is still on Lincoln with about five other tenters at Flower. Kenny with his dog Joey was doing needle point. Shown is the one he is working on now. He showed this writer a scene that took him a year. He said there was something happening with his check and he should have been getting more. Perhaps, he will get money from four years back and then he will get a motel that will take dogs.

Naples alley has a tent and a pile of debris. Around the alley on Coeur d’Alene is a growing encampment just across from McDonalds restaurant.

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